HOLLYWOOD─I was slightly pleased with the fifth season premiere of the Tyler Perry hit series “If Loving You is Wrong.” It looks like all the narrative tidbits were put into place to show the audience where things will ultimately culminate for the final season. It looks like death is headed to Maxine and when it’s all said and done who will be left standing and the mental ramifications as a result.

This week’s episode, ‘Jennifer Peppa’ picked up where last week left off with Marcie delivering another punch to Randal when he discovered that Brad popped the question to her. I thought this was going too lead to some bloodbath as teased in the trailer. With that said, Randal continued to make threats, as Marcie taunted him continuously. Before tossing him out her apartment, she whacked him viciously with a golf club. Brad arrived at his former home looking for Alex who was still MIA little did he know she was busy with Ian.

Man this Eddie, this guy is one of a kind. Who broke into Esperanza’s house and then got into her bed naked, while Steven was also in the bed. Talk about ballsy people, because Steven was livid, while Esperanza wanted to show a bit of compassion. Esperanza open your eyes, you cannot reform Eddie. Thankfully Steven, knocked some sense into her and forced Eddie out of the bed and out of the house. The night got crazy as Randal crashed Larry’s S&M party wanting to take legal action against Marcie for reasons no one can understand.

Brad and Marcie learned more about Alex and her secret life. How so? They discovered her dating profile and Brad became fully aware that she has been having affairs for a very long time. Alex continued to tease Ian who did his best to resist temptation, but Alex refused to allow him to take her home. Steven decided to book Eddie for drunken disorder and toss him in the slammer. Oh, this is so funny people, and like I’ve said before Lushion is perhaps the hardest working cop in town. It seems like whenever there is a problem everyone contacts him. How the hell can this guy ever get a moment to relax?

Kelly informed Lushion that she retrieved a Bible from a woman from Travis’ church with pictures of various women and settlements, just as he dropped the bomb about Terrell stopping by her house looking to get inside. She confirmed that that guy is indeed Justice’s father and he sensed the hesitation in her voice. Drunken Eddie started to taunt Kelly, but it soon became a realization to him that he was locked inside a jail cell. Steven attempted to hammer into Esperanza that she deserves better than what she endures with Eddie.

That nurse Pat started to deliver some Intel to Rick about Travis’ family and their church and he could get all the information he needs to take down the righteous family. So it all goes back to Larry and Ian’s firm. Once again, Lushion and Natalie were awakened from their sleep by knocks on the door. It was Brad looking for Alex. Lushion and Brad walked over to Ian’s house and from the window they spotted Alex having sex with Ian.

Whoa, next week looks fun, as Esperanza finally serves Eddie, Alex might be mentally ill, and it looks like Kelly is getting closer to her freedom people. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “If Loving You is Wrong” lovebirds.