HOLLYWOOD─Two episodes are left before the end of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong.” I honestly cannot believe it because at first I thought, the season still had a second half before coming to a conclusion, but that is not the case here. Which means the drama is about to be intensified 10 fold in ways that we never expected, which means it’s time for utter mayhem to erupt, and this week’s episode “Taken” may have been one of the best I’ve ever seen, and it wasn’t even the penultimate episode.

Things picked up where things left off last week with Tonya flipping out, and the entire neighborhood coming to her aid. Randal wanted to continue to poke the bear, and it prompted Bennett to flip out, so much to the point, he punched him. Gosh, this guy is such a tool, it was a relief watching Bennett knock him out cold and putting a zipper on his lips for once. Esperanza in a panic contacted Steven about her daughter’s disappearance and he rushed to her aide, just as Eddie soon received a call about his daughter’s disappearance.

Larry showed up at the police station just as Eddie planned to visit Esperanza about his daughter’s disappearance. Larry’s veiled threat became clear to Eddie that the twisted lawyer may have taken his daughter, in exchange for getting his money back. Larry this is one battle that perhaps you shouldn’t have picked because the fallout could be catastrophic. Back to Tonya, she flipped out when Bennett gave the medics permission to take her for treatment. Why can’t anyone realize that it was Randal who may have caused the mayhem?

Time for that chat between Natalie and Kelly about her kiss with Lushion, and Natalie was cold per usual. C’mon Natalie you know Lushion doesn’t want Kelly, and acting rude and callous was just uncalled for. Esperanza alerted Natalie of her daughter’s disappearance, just as Steven arrived and so did Eddie and it prompted a fist fight between the authority figures. Eddie got a light bulb in his head: Larry has my daughter! Esperanza received a call from Mika’s captors, who noted Eddie owed them a lot of money and if it was not returned her daughter would not be seen again.

Back at the country bar, Alex is spiraling to new lows after dabbling with crack, and it looks like Johnny was willing to pimp off Alex for money by a patron. He offered $4,000 and Alex was sold. This is not looking good people, not in the least. Ian spotted a knocked out cold Randal, and learned from Marcie that her ex got what he deserved. He delivered Brad his DNA to get confirmation if Alex’s newborn is his son or not, and got the opportunity to see the kid. Why does something tell me that Ian or Marcie will be the one to rescue Alex from her dire situation?

The child’s DNA was taken and the audience will SOON learn who is the father of Alex’s baby?! I swear this story feels like it has been dragging for years. Things just keep on getting interesting in this neighborhood, as Larry stumbled upon Randal and managed to awaken his pal whose jaw was in major pain. Randal started to connect the dots and realized that Bennett punched him. Even Larry knew Randal was up to no good, which prompted Larry to spill to his pal that he has Eddie right where he wants him.

Kelly finally reunited with Justice after all this time apart, with Natalie starting to make my head spin with her antics. Tyrell was frustrated over the fact that Kelly is still holding out on telling the truth to Justice about his paternity. Ian had a run-in with Larry where barbs were traded, and Ian noted he planned to sue Larry. Justice finally came face-to-face with his father and was speechless to say the least. Justice is a little brat, and needs a bit of discipline. Eddie was patiently waiting for Larry in the parking garage, and while Larry was getting ready to get into his car, Eddie rammed into him.

Next week is the episode before all the mayhem ends and wowza it looks interesting. Eddie and Ian go to war, Larry is near death, Alex is brought home, Marcie pushes Randal over the edge and it looks like lives are literally hanging in the balance. I cannot wait till next week. Until then “If Loving You is Wrong” love birds!