HELLO AMERICA!─Because it was during much of the university years that I experienced several riots as well as peace marches that caused death and injuries to many Americans. During the covering of the George Floyd tribute held throughout the nation, the explosive death sounds heard in downtown Los Angeles, Watts, and several outer communities were recalled.  Suddenly, nearly every young Hollywood camera just out of film school rush wherever the rebellion was taking place to capture the kind of film footage that would open the door of a major filmmaker they respected.

Viewing much of the action on a very large TV screen, one easily noticed lightning flashes exploded from every angle of the angry mob moving forward as if they were determined to take over the city itself. One could hear several helicopters overhead, reminiscent of that of the World War II, running feet past the house as if being chased by an authority they could never match. Without a doubt, it seemed as if we were watching a film being shot in the neighborhood. Those with their camera had no need to create sound effects because it would all be there when capturing the riot.

Again, checking television, it wasn’t surprising to see every politician in Washington there presenting a tough image, exposing reasons and lame panacea which might resolve the problem that was ignored in Congress itself. Forget about the senate, with the current power group helming that gutless, spineless body, very little of human concern would be permitted to be broached.

I suddenly received a call from the filmmaker, Chris Cavalier who quickly announced that he had gotten some exciting footage that included several hot industry names who were marching along with the Walk For Peace group, they quietly walked down the main street in of West Hollywood, many holding up signs that read: PEACE AND UNDERSTANDING IS WHAT WORKS. Some people in that group were singing songs which represented FREEDOM, PEACE, LOVE, and several which I remembered from World War II when I was merely a kid, but even then the songs of that period moved me emotionally. Again, the power of music.

Whoever manages to produce a film or even a documentary on what happed resulting from the murder of George Floyd, and how it affected not only millions of Americans but just as many people residing in such countries as England, Germany, and France. The crime of vandalism is rampant, no matter what country. Young men and women, desperate to get an item or something they could never afford, was a universal realization.

The ultimate slap in the face is when President Donald Trump decided that it wasn’t good politics remaining in the Bunker of the White House and decided to make an appearance delivering a few words to the American people. Instead of words of hope and inspiration, everything that streamed from his condescending being were threatening and completely void of understanding or hope.

Those involved with the march noted it would not end until all the policemen involved with the murder of George Floyd are brought to justice. In Hollywood, that would be a tolerable ending to an American film.