HOLLYWOOD—At the end of last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong,” Brad confessed that he may have played a part in the disappearance of Alex’s baby. This week’s episode, ‘The Wages of Sin’ picked up where last week’s episode with Brad STILL being interrogated by Steven. Enough with the interrogation tactics already, unless we’re seeing some fireworks or drama!

Brad’s attention was nabbed when Steven reported that Alex is missing, and he snapped grabbing Steven by the collar. Jeez, Steven might be one of the dumbest detectives ever on television. Esperanza informed Kelly and Marcie that Brad is being interrogated and requested his lawyer. Marcie blurted out to the ladies that she was in love with Brad, which caught them off guard. Kelly delivered an insane quote which forced the ladies to suspect that a death could be in the future, was she referring to Randal or someone else?

C’mon 17 minutes into the episode and nothing of substance has transpired. I feel the pace of the last 2-3 episodes has been so slow I am having trouble fathoming why more drama hasn’t burst onto the scene. Well, Esperanza hit things right on the money, pinpointing that Alex’s parents were culpable in the mess that has transpired. Kelly, you cannot be this dumb, it’s as obvious as a deer in headlights. Finally, Esperanza, I love you at this moment, but report what you know to the authorities! Don’t worry about Alex facing legal repercussions for her involvement, she is a grown woman.

Eddie continued to push Esperanza’s buttons when she asked her ex for assistance on a pressing matter. Well, well, Esperanza informed Edward of her suspicions, but he didn’t seem to take what she was saying with an ounce of truth. Kelly made it crystal clear that Eddie is a tool, before the conversation ceased. Well, after an episode of being MIA, Alex got closer to the home of her parents, but I feel the confrontation will not transpire until we near the end of the first half of the season.

Pete is awake, it seems like a season since we’ve heard from the rookie cop, and we finally heard speaking words from him. He was quite adamant to find out what was happening, and his memory returned of him being ambushed by a group of thugs who fired multiple shots at him, while Ben sat back and watched. That memory prompted Pete to make a phone call to Lushion alerting him who shot him, while Ben watched. Pete was paranoid that someone might be working with Eddie to take his life, but Lushion alerted his pal that all would be fine. However, I’m not too certain on that. Yes, Pete confirmed to Lushion that the videotape depicted Eddie shooting Ben’s hand off.

Wow, that is a twist! Pete gave a copy of the tape implicating Eddie to the Captain who transferred him to the Southside where he was certain to be eliminated. The nurse administered a drug that would put Pete to sleep only putting his life at further risk people! Ugh, I’m so frustrated right now!

Natalie started to lose composure as she worried about Joey who has been in the operating room for quite some time. The doctor informed Natalie and Lushion that Joey is not in the best condition, and his chances for survival are slim. Survival through the night is crucial to Joey recovering, but questions pertaining to organ donation rattled Natalie, who was not happy with the notion of saving other lives compared to her child. The news broke Natalie’s spirt.

The final moments of the episode saw a weary Pete begging the nurse to help him stay awake, which only led to Eddie sneaking into Pete’s room, with sinister intentions if you ask me. Randal was seen fighting to escape the wooden grave he was trapped in, as his son continued to scream in the background. Rusty and his pals lifted the casket and dropped it in an attempt to torture Randal, before clocking him in the head with a shovel.

Now, we really get to the good stuff, as next week’s episode promises new developments in Randal’s disappearance, Pete being in serious trouble and Eddie continuing to make so many enemies I’m certain the character will meet his demise very soon. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “If Loving You is Wrong” love-birds!