STUDIO CITY—It’s in your back yard!  — You’ve probably driven by it a million times. Studio City’s Campo de Cahuenga at 3919 Cahuenga Boulevard (located in the 91604 zip code) is at the foot of the Studio City/Universal Studios MTA stop. You can peek down on the Campo from the northern walkway or – You can see it on the western side of the street through the black metal gates.

In December, the Campo hosts an annual Luminaria Festival (a free event), as the only event that takes place at the Campo at night. The Campo grounds are decorated with lights hidden inside paper bags lining the archeological footprint of the Campo on the grounds of this replica Mission Revival Rancho house.

The Luminaria Festival is in the Studio City tradition of low-key old-fashioned events paying homage to the location where Mexican and Americano soldiers settled their differences and signed the Treaty of Cahuenga which laid the ground for California’s entry into “The Union,” as the 31st state as a “Free State” in 1850 under President Polk. The Campo’s President Deuk Perrin happily allows the Campo to play host to this event.

Following on the heels of this annual December celebration is the annual Campo’s own January re-enactment of the signing of what is formally titled the “1847 Articles of Capitulation” (aka the Treaty of Cahuenga).  Of course, the Campo is a historical monument, so they are sticklers for the details.

This year on January 13, 2019 is exactly 172 years from the date of the original signing of the Capitulation.  The event (also free) includes appearances by re-enactors dressed in military regalia; the Native Daughter of the Golden West, also dressed in period accurate clothing; the firing of a traditional canon brought in especially from the XXX for live firing, celebrating the actual signing of the Treaty. The Treaty which was originally written in both English and Spanish is formally read by re-enactors dressed as General Pico (representing Mexico) and General Fremont (representing the United States). Both non-profit groups welcome volunteers.

The Campo welcomes donations. Private & school tours are available. Call (818) 927-1347. The Luminarias are sponsored by the Studio City Neighborhood Council (818) 655-5400.