WOODLAND HILLS—IMPROV Learning released a new online driving education available to complete requirements for new and current drivers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The online curriculum is comprised of a defensive driving course which combines science and driver behaviors through interactive course content, proven efficient in reducing driving violations and future crashes.

The New Aware Driver Course 2.0 course is available in three different versions targeting Teen Drivers, Experienced Drivers (20-55) and Mature Drivers (55+). Most insurance carriers will offer a premium discount in completion of an approved accident prevention course. Over 5 million people are enrolled in the Traffic School currently.

IMPROV Learning is a trade name for Interactive Education Concepts (IEC), a leading provider of driver improvement courses nationwide and voted #1 Best Traffic School. Numerous Insurance Companies, State Agencies and Fleet Operators have partnered with IMPROV to offer effective driving courses. They are licensed and approved for state-mandated Driving Education requirements for the new drivers and Insurance Discount, Court Diversion and Traffic Violator Programs for the current drivers. The traffic school by IMPROV Comedy Club was introduced over 30 years ago. The Hollywood writers’ script the courses, adding humor and entertainment to each of them.

For more information regarding the best course fit or insurance questions, visit the IMPROV Learning website https://www.myimprov.com or call (800) 660-8908.