UNITED STATES—It has been five days since the announcement that President Joe Biden tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday, July 21. According to the first announcement, Biden was showing mild symptoms, and would quarantine at his DC residence.

There have been daily updates from the White House doctor indicating that the President’s oxygen level on room air is good, and no congestion in the lungs. The updates contain a paragraph in them with a plug for the vaccines relaying that it’s a good thing Joe Biden is double vaccinated and boosted, or his symptoms could be worse.

There are four pages of White House press releases from the White House since the day that President Biden went into quarantine. Some nominations were sent to the Senate the day Biden tested positive. After that, there are pages of remarks, readouts, statements, letters, fact sheets, but no major news coming from the President or Vice President Harris.

Multiple news reports indicate that VP Harris has hit the campaign trail in support of Democrat legislators, and governors. Harris is also campaigning against what she refers to as “Republican Extremism,” while promoting abortion as what Harris calls a right.

So, the question is, as President Biden recovers from the coronavirus and the residual side effects that have left many with lingering fatigue and brain fog, and Vice President Harris hits the campaign trail, who, is running the country?

Is the White House out of order? Will the next election be able to fix what’s broken?

What is happening with the economy? Are we finally using the oil reserve that is readily available, or are we still lining the pockets of the ones over seas who hate the Americans?

The Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs agents are overwhelmed with immigrants flooding the border while our own homeless population swells out of control.

Whether you are Republican, Democrat, Independent, or Libertarian, the increased cost of gas, and groceries affects you. All of this, and more affects you.

Our elected officials are arguing over what pronouns to call one another. We still have soldiers fighting to protect the land of the free and the home of the brave, while some of the people back home are offended by the flag of the country the same soldiers were recruited to protect.

As the country runs on auto pilot, we are reminded of what’s important to each of us, and how we would like the country to be run. Our forefathers fought hard for our right to vote. We must exercise that right.

Do you believe that when the words to the Pledge of Allegiance were written, that the words, “For Liberty and Justice for All,” included the unborn? It’s time to take a stand and do what’s right. It doesn’t take violence and protests in the street to correct this. It takes you casting a vote for the Representatives that will really represent the will of their constituents instead of only promoting their own agendas.