BEVERLY HILLS—Isaac Larian, owner and CEO of MGA Entertainment launched what has been dubbed as ‘Operation Pac-Man’

The initiative will provide healthcare workers with needed medical equipment, such as N-95 masks, gloves, and goggles. Larian donated $100,000 to UCLA Medical Center. MGA Entertainment is also collaborating with a manufacturing company in China. The 25,000 masks that are produced will be sent to major hospitals in Southern California, City of Hope, Cedar Sinai, and UCLA to name a few.  partnered with the toy manufacturers to airlift an additional 150,000 units of medical supplies into the country, free of cost.

“This is not an industry issue or a government issue any longer, at this point all of the humankind needs to work together and fix the shortages that hospitals are facing, and I believe the issue can be best resolved by entrepreneurs. The fact that hospitals and hospital workers are lacking basic necessities to safely continue their treatment of patients is tragic. it is preposterous that we are in this position and now it’s up to everyone to work together,” said Larian.

A website was set up through which partners, fans, and retailers can come together and show their support through donations. Through the portal, hospital admins can request supplies, and MGAE will ship them out wherever they are needed most.

MGAE has collaborated with companies internationally to send aid and medical supplies around the world, including to Italy, France, and Spain.

The company is in the process of converting the Little Tykes factory into a manufacturing plant so that supplies can be made on US soil. MGAE’s 15 3D printers are at the disposal of any hospital in need.

“Keeping our hospital workers healthy and properly supplied will be the only way to help them continue to do their jobs to the best of their ability,” said Larian.