UNITED STATES—Election Day has come and gone, and I can honestly say I’m ecstatic and it has nothing to do with the voting process either. So what am I celebrating? Well, those pesky advertising campaigns that have been airing for what it seems like eons are no more.

Jeez, the commercials that are thrown in our faces from political ads can be so mentally draining on the everyday American. Why? Well tell me a time you recall seeing political ads that weren’t overtly nasty in nature. Take a few seconds to consider that. Yup, that’s what I thought, it’s never happened. We live in a world where negative seems to run amok, while positivity can only be seen from the light of the candidate him or herself.

I mean wouldn’t that be heaven to see an election year where nothing, but positive ads are seen. Where the voter is not warped into thinking another candidate is bad because someone else said so. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally have a fair race where the best man or woman in some cases is selected based on pure merit and not how much money was spent on ad campaigns.

Yes I know that revenue plays a big role in rather a candidate wins a key race or not (the more you can spend on getting your name out there the better), but can’t it be done with a bit of dignity. I mean at the end of the day, do you want to share with the world you won because you dragged your opponent’s name through the mud with vicious, nasty, downright evil ads or because you presented a strong resume of your accomplishments and precisely what your plans were for the City, State or whatever it may be if elected. 

That might be the one thing that bugs me so much about those running for office or politics in general, no one can ever seem to explain precisely what goals they have set if elected, and they just reiterate what they plan not to do. And how does that help the voter to make their decision. It really doesn’t that’s the problem. Most fail to see that. I’m not really certain why that is to say the least.

I wonder what candidates would do if a law were passed prevented the use of negative ad campaigns during an election year. Hmm, that would impact so many candidates in ways that we could not only see a change in voter turnout, but how the candidates speak and mingle with voters to begin with.

Most are like a robotic machine, “My goal is to please you any way I can, but to stay distant enough not to be too attached.” Yeah, politics is a game of robotics; do what is best for you until you get elected and then once you’re elected you can then take off that mask that you’ve been wearing to reveal your true self to the voters and the rest of the world.

Not the worse of the worse is over, we can go back a bit to our normal lives and watch television without being bombarded with countless ads that stay with us far longer than we expected. I guess I shouldn’t hold my breathe, cause within two years the nastiness will be front and center as the race for the next President of the United States of America comes front and center.