HOLLYWOOD─I will admit it sucks that “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “The Young and the Restless” are not currently airing any new episodes for either soap, however, “Days of Our Lives” has us covered. There is so much and I mean so much mayhem going on in Salem right now, I don’t know where to begin! Well, let’s start where all the juicy drama has erupted: Stefan lookalike Jake! Yes, Brandon Barash has returned to the soap, but in a new role people, Jake the mechanic, who just so happens to be Ben’s new boss.

Yes, it was Ben Weston of all people who got the opportunity to first set sights on the guy, who is a splitting image of Stefan himself. The question all fans want to know is: is it really Stefan and has memory has lapsed? The mystery continues to loom people. However, Ciara has come face-to-face with Jake, and the one person everyone watching the soap has been waiting for the interaction was Gabi.

Upon first glance in the Salem Square, Gabi fainted upon seeing Jake thinking he was Stefan. She was certain she was hallucinating, almost feeling as if she was going off her rocker like Abigail (we’ll talk more about her later). With that said, Gabi had another encounter with Jake in the park and she KNEW she was not hallucinating. Jake briefly chatted with Gabi ensuring her he was NOT Stefan. Gabi did not believe him and lashed out and slapped him as a result.

There is a BIG MYSTERY surrounding Jake the mechanic; we don’t know much about his upbringing or backstory, we do know he once had a woman he was in love with, and it was a love hate relationship, but that is the end of it. As a viewer, I really want to see how this unfolds, because if Jake is actually Stefan the writers better cook up one hell of a story, if Stefan is truly dead and Jake is perhaps his twin or someone in disguise, that tale is just as exciting.

Back to Abigail, she hallucinated Ben preparing to attack her, as a result it led to her being hospitalized, where the audience learned that she was drugged. Now of course everyone thinks Gabi committed the deed, but come on America that is way too easy in my opinion and not likely. Chad vowed vengeance against his foe. Rafe was certain Gabi did the unthinkable, but she pleaded she was innocent and for once I believe her. I don’t know what it is about Gabi, but I love and hate this character. She does devious things, but it is usually because of something bad done to her. She’s not purely evil like Kristen DiMera.

Speaking of Kristen, she is spiraling at the fact that her daughter Rachel is alive and in the company of Sarah who has vanished into thin air. Kristen stabbed Victor placing him in the orbit of life or death yet again. Victor survived and as a result, he revealed to Eli and Kayla that it was Kristen who stabbed him not Brady! Yes, Brady had been covering for Kristen, but the secret is now out, but doesn’t look like Kristen is going to pay for her misdeed. Why? Lani feeling connected to her pal, allowed her to escape after learning what she did and her quest to locate Rachel.

Yeah, Eli was NOT HAPPY with that dismissal. You’re a cop Lani, but you don’t get to pick or choose. I don’t know what it is about Lani, but I can’t stand the character. Her or Eli, they seem holier than though, and I always hate those characters in the soap world. They think they can do no wrong sometimes, but FYI, Lani you murdered Stefan and if he is indeed alive, or as the rumors have it Vivian is slated to return to Salem real soon, we might see Lani knocked down a few pegs people, and I’m looking forward to it.

Of course we have to talk about Sarah because she thought fleeing to Paris would be her ticket to be with Mickey forever, but she never expected to run into her ex Rex. Yes, that Rex people, and all seemed well until Rex contacted dear ole mom, Kate, and learned that Sarah kidnapped Rachel, who is Kristen and Brady’s daughter. I thought Rex was going to assist Sarah, but he wanted to do the honorable thing. First, he contacted Rafe, but Sarah thwarted that. He then, contacted Kristen which resulted in Sarah whacking him over the head and tying him up.

I would not say Sarah has lost it she is frightened to death of losing a child that she has raised as her own. She is desperate and desperate people do desperate things America. Last, but not least, Xander revealed to Maggie the dirty truth and she was horrified, so much to the point she slapped Xander. Yeah, Maggie was forced to realize that her stunt behind the wheel led to her granddaughter’s demise, Adrienne’s death and a bunch of chaos. Something tells me there is more going on with Maggie’s tale than what has already been revealed.

There is one more secret that I’m dying to know, what did Orpheus and Christian do that has Zoe’s brother so rattled? We know Christian shared the truth with Zoe who was stunned, but the audience still doesn’t not know yet, and it’s driving me bonkers people. I want to know the truth! With that said May Sweeps has just kicked off, but something is telling me more chaos is headed in our direction real soon.