LOS FELIZ-In order to express gratitude to teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week, a local family spent their time using colorful chalks and drew on the front of the school on Sunday, May 3. They showed their appreciation to teachers in a creative way.


Due to the stay-at-home order, most of the students take classes remotely. The Lehman family thinks that teaching becomes more difficult for teachers, so they used their creative way to say thank you to them. The 6th-grade student Olivia, the 3rd-grade student Miles, and their parents Chris and Alison spent their weekend creating large scale art in the school Our Mother of Good Counsel (OMGC).


“They know this is difficult and you shouldn’t be stressed out about failing a grade because something is happening with your computer,” said Olivia, in an interview with the Los Feliz Ledger. Olivia said that the teachers are willing to adjust the assignments and help them with any difficulties.


According to Los Feliz Ledger, the Lehman family drew the school’s mascot — dolphin and made it look like a stained-glass window. Olivia said that they decided to show the Catholic symbol in chalk art since OMGC is a Catholic school. She feels proud of what she and her family have done.


“For me, it’s inspiring because I know it’s hard enough to teach a classroom full of kids—but to have to do it when they’re not even in the classroom? I’m really impressed with how much they’ve stepped up,” Olivia’s father Chris said to Los Feliz Ledger.


“Teacher reactions were genuinely heartfelt and appreciative. A few teachers who were in and out on Sunday and early Monday morning reached out to me with excitement about the gesture.” Allison Essman, the principle of OMGC told Canyon News that she also took an aerial photo on Monday morning and sent it to the entire faculty to enjoy.


“Our front steps are on a street frequented by walkers and I’ve witnessed many stopping to take photos or admire. It’s a nice visual to stumble upon during this pandemic.” Essman said the whole neighborhood shares the joy of the artwork.


“A beautiful gesture to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week!” Our Mother of Good Counsel posted on Facebook on Wednesday, May 6.