HOLLYWOOD—Wow, that’s the only word that I can think of to describe the ABC soap “General Hospital” deciding to resurrect little Jack Webber/Spencer who everyone was certain was dead after being run down by Luke Spencer.

So how in the world were the writers able to resurrect Jake in a storyline that is still not as convincing in my opinion. A few years ago Jake was hit by a drunken Luke, Elizabeth found him in the street, and he was rushed to the hospital and deemed brain dead. Carly was a complete mess with her daughter Josslyn clinging to life, she begged Elizabeth to consider donating Jake’s organs to save her daughter’s life. It was a tough decision, but after speaking with Jason and Lucky, Liz agreed.

Still mind-boggled, trust me you’re not the only one. Fast-forward to 2015 and we learn that Helena Cassadine, the wicked one, was responsible for having Jake nabbed before he could be run down and has held him captive for all these years. This begs the question, just why would she do this? Perhaps she was hoping to get back at Luke and mess with his head in a way that it destroyed him.

Anyways, little Jake has been reunited with Elizabeth, and the rest of Port Charles is grappling with the game-changing news in my opinion. To make matters worse, Jake is Jason’s son! Could this be the one thing that forces Elizabeth to finally reveal the truth to Jake that he is actually Jason? If she was looking for a sign, this might be the biggest one to date because if she doesn’t reveal the truth before it gets out, all hell is going to break loose for Liz.

In other craziness, Morgan and Denise aka Ava hooked up again. Damn Ava has to be the worse mother in the world. Not only did you sleep with your daughter’s hubby and destroy a marriage, she’s doing it again. If she thought her daughter was peeved at her before, just wait till she learns the truth about her ‘aunt’ and what she has been up to.

I can’t believe this woman thinks Franco can be her key to getting her murder charge dismissed. Even if the evidence was thrown out, there are people well aware of what she did and Sonny will not allow Ava to get away with murder, even if he was able to do so. Gosh I feel so sorry for Nina who is being framed for the kidnapping of little Avery when the audience is well aware that it was Silas Clay. Silas just needs to man up and admit the truth. He has no idea how this ammunition is being used against Nina thanks to Ric and Madeleine. Hands down Madeleine deserves the mother of the year award, but I’m dying to know that secret about Nina that has yet to be unleashed. I have a feeling that Ric Lansing might be exiting the “GH” canvas for good in the coming months. Jake is continuing to get chummy with the rest of the Quartermaine clan; I’d say it’s just a matter of time before he realizes who he truly is. It doesn’t hurt that he is getting close to his ‘wife’ Sam. How can’t Sam who is a private investigator, put the pieces together to realize that Jake is actually Jason is mind-boggling. Perhaps because she tried so hard to eliminate Jason from her life after he ‘died.’

In of the juiciest storylines in a long time, Dante and Lulu’s marriage is in shambles after he slept with her cousin Valerie. There is one tiny problem: Lulu knows they kissed. She has no idea that they slept together. I already predicted the truth will push the youngest Spencer into the arms of her former beau Dillion. And I must admit those two seem perfect together if you ask me.

With Luke exiting the canvas on July 27, it’s already apparent the sad goodbyes are in order, but a little birdie has noted that Laura Spencer is sticking around in PC. Well considering she just learned her son Nikolas has kept the identity of Jake Joe aka Jason Morgan from the rest of the residents, it’s apparent her children need her now more than ever. The more people learn about Jason, the more difficult it’s going to be to keep things under wraps. “General Hospital” airs weekdays at 2 p.m. on ABC.