HOLLYWOOD—Wow, I honestly had no plans to write a column this week on “General Hospital,” but the writers that be decided to speed up that storyline involving the tale of two Jason’s in Port Charles. I mean it was teased for weeks that a lucky resident in PC would first come face-to-face with a familiar face, but I never expected that person to be Sonny Corinthos. To be honest, I thought the great Carly, would get that ‘moment.’

When Sonny came face-to-face with Jason (Steve Burton), he literally did a double take assuming his eyes were playing a trick on him. No, Sonny, that is your old pal and does he ever have a story to share with you. The two mobsters had their guns pointed at one another, as Sonny wanted answers, and for a second I thought we’d be witnessing another situation where Sonny shot someone he truly cared about without getting all the facts. The two had a tense conversation and Jason shared all the juicy details about his whereabouts for the past 5 years. Sonny started to become receptive to the story, but there were still plenty of dots Jason needed to connect to fully force his old pal to trust what he was being sold.

Yes, America, it literally has been around 5 years to the date that we last saw the ‘real’ Jason in PC after being shot and tossed into the pier by the devious Cesar Faison. Ava finally grabbed a clue and used the internet to her advantage and realized Patient 6 looks oddly familiar to Andrew (Billy Miller), who has deemed himself Jason Morgan. Ava has most of her face back, and seems to be on cloud nine with Griffin. He even revealed to Anna Devane that he is leaving the priesthood for Ava. Yeah, Anna did not take that news with open arms.

Cue the big mystery of the hour: neither guy knows they have a twin lurking out there, well two people do know: Elizabeth and Franco, but they haven’t disclosed that information yet. Why is this a good thing? Well, audiences were delivered a shocker when they learned Andre, yeah the therapist who seems like the perfect gentlemen, knew all about the Jason Morgan mystery and has been secretly working with Dr. Klein and an even BIGGER mastermind to ensure the real Jason never returned to town. Now this is where things get juicy because I’m dying to know who the big bad is and I’m hoping, hoping fingers crossed, we learn their identity during November sweeps. Is that likely? Maybe not, but a soap fan can hope America.

All this chaos is leading to a big event in PC, the news that Sam and Jason have purchased Julian’s company Derek Wells Media and are now the proud owners of Crimson magazine. Yes, that news took Nina by storm, and considering her father left her with so much money, couldn’t she just buy them out if she wanted? The Metro Court is hosting the big shindig with Carly and Olivia pulling all the strings, unaware that Dr. Klein and his henchmen have flown into town and are planning a takeover to go after the people closet to Patient 6 to get what they want.

I will acknowledge I love the dynamic between Nathan and Amy. The Ask Man Landers column has really brought the two closer together. With Maxie back in tow that makes things difficult, but I almost feel like the writers are looking to fracture Naxie. With Sonny realizing that the real Jason is in his presence, now comes the question of how and when does he break the news to Carly, Michael, Sam and everyone else about an interesting dynamic that is about to forever shape the lives of the residents of Port Charles forever. Sam is deeply in love with Jason’s twin, they just had a kid and their love is stronger than ever. Be warned things are must-see on “General Hospital” right now and with sweeps less than a week away, you don’t want to miss a second.