Tag: Patient 6

Walls Are Closing In On Valentin On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—The Jason mystery while not 100 percent solved on “General Hospital” has definitely opened more doors than expected. For starts, Patient 6 aka (Jason...

Jason Morgan Meets Jason Morgan On “GH!”

HOLLYWOOD—Well, we’ve waited patiently since the news was announced that Steve Burton would be returning to the ABC soap “General Hospital.” Many speculated that...

Jason Morgan Finally Arrives In Port Charles On “GH!”

HOLLYWOOD—Wow, I honestly had no plans to write a column this week on “General Hospital,” but the writers that be decided to speed up...

Ava Jerome Saves The Day On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—Everyone is capable of redemption, but sometimes in the soap world, once you’re evil you are always evil. The world of “General Hospital” proves...
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