BEL AIR—On Sunday, May 31, actress Jennifer Aniston, 51, posted information on her Instagram account from her home in Bel Air about an organization that will auction off portraits to raise money for COVID-19 relief funds. 

The black and white image being used depicts Aniston crossing her legs in front of her chest and resting her hands on her knees. The photograph is complete with the haircut known as, “The Rachel,” popularized by the long-standing television series, “Friends.” The series ran for 10 season from 1994 until 2004. 

The risque photograph that Brad Pitt’s ex-wife is auctioning was taken in November 1995 by photographer Mark Seliger. The original version of the iconic picture was captured for US Magazine during their February 1996 cover story. 

The actress posted on her Instagram account:

“My dear friend @markseliger teamed up with @radvocacy and @christiesinc to auction 25 of his portraits – including mine – for COVID-19 relief….” Aniston went on, “100% of sales proceeds of this portrait will go to @NAFClinics, an organization which provides free coronavirus testing and care nationwide to the medically underserved.”

Along with the caption on Instagram, followers can see a video of photographer and director, Mark Seliger, 61, editing the photograph. Seliger is an American photographer known for his portraits of many celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Oprah, and Barack Obama. 

Seliger said in an interview with Christies, a British Auction house:

“The first time I met Jennifer Aniston I knew she was going to be a big star.”

The Oscar’s photographer also said:

“Iimmediately after the shoot I recommended Jennifer for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, which of course she got. Since then we’ve worked together many times — she’s incredibly loyal and still as lovely as the first time I met her.”

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