LOS ANGELES COUNTY—On September 20, the Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, Jonathan Hatami publicly announced his bid to unseat the Los Angeles County District Attorney, George Gascon in 2024.

On his campaign website, Hatami shares the strides he’s made as Deputy District Attorney in human rights, especially regarding children.

“As a 17-year-veteran prosecutor, Hatami has handled thousands of child physical and sexual abuse cases, domestic violence, hate crimes, and complex homicides. He has prosecuted over 80 felony jury trials including the four-month trial of the torture and murder of Gabriel Fernandez. He is featured in the six-part Netflix true crime documentary, ‘The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez’ released in 2020.

On December 15, 2020, Hatami was ordered by the newly elected District Attorney, George Gascon to remove allegations and strike priors in the case of a little girl who was tortured and murdered by [one] her parents. Finding this unconscionable, he refused and was the first Deputy District Attorney to come forward and speak out publicly against Gascon’s policy directives in an interview with ABC7.”

The following are some of the campaign promises Hatami has made and the issues he highlights on his webpage.

“The passion I bring in my cases when I fight for justice for children is the passion I will bring to the entire county of Los Angeles. Not only will I fight for my kids. I will fight for yours,” Hatami stated.

Fair and Equal Access to Justice

“I will ensure ALL residents of Los Angeles have fair and equal access to justice with an emphasis on protecting victims, children, and families, and promise fair and balanced approach to public safety.”

Justice Reforms

“I believe in reforms, rehabilitation, and second chances, however, we must first and always follow the law. We must balance reforms with public safety and protecting our most vulnerable.”

In addition, Hatami said he will fight for the rights of victims, families, and survivors, “not just for the rich or famous, or media cases, but all victims, victim advocacy and Marsy’s Law.”

Regarding Gascon’s Zero bail initiative, Hatami says he plans to have a “presumptive bail of $0 for all non-violent misdemeanors. However, no presumptive $0 bail for serious misdemeanors such as domestic violence and child abuse felonies.

As far as the death penalty goes, “I am generally opposed to the death penalty. However, the death penalty is the law in California, and I am strongly opposed to blanket policies. I believe in real discretion,” Hatami stated.

The full text and additional reforms Hatami would like to fight for, should he be elected as the next District Attorney for Los Angeles, may be found on his website.