LAUREL CANYON—Laurel Canyon, has had a music-heavy history that started during the 60’s and persists to this day. During that era, one of the most influential singers had her origins and led to the creation of her hit album “Ladies Of The Canyon.” Canadian singer-songwriter, Joni Mitchell  began to rise in her musical career at Laurel Canyon. Both her and the locale continue to be sources of inspiration in the music industry.

On April 1, 1970, Mitchell’s third studio album “Ladies Of The Canyon” made its debut. Marking this year its 30th anniversary. In an interview with LouderSound, Mitchell ponders back on the atmosphere of Los Angeles, remembering it as “…the hot bed of all musical activity.” On March 1, 1974, Mitchell peaked the 2nd spot in Billboard charts with her album “Court and Spark” and again the following year with “Miles of Aisles” on December 10.

During her music career, Mitchell continued to collaborate with artists from Neil Young to Graham Nash, both whom she developed a romantic relationship with at one point.  In addition, to making Laurel Canyon as their home during the 60s. Modern popular artists such as Harry Styles and Lana Del Rey have used Laurel Canyon as a source of inspiration and a locale to reference in their songs.

In 2015, Joni Mitchell suffered a brain aneurysm, however, she started to recover soon. More recently, The Guardian interviewed American singer-songwriter, James Taylor, with whom she worked closely in their younger years. In the interview, Taylor mentions that “…she’s recovering, she’s coming back.” Adding that he thinks “…she’s coming back musically.”