HOLLYWOOD—There are villains who are fun on soap operas and villains that are not, and Aunt Jordan is becoming the latter on “The Young and the Restless.” Did Victor Newman not learn his lesson the first time he held Jordan captive in a cell. Let me explain what happened, she escaped, and wrecked all sorts of havoc leading to Harrison and Claire being kidnapped.

Now we are in a situation where Victor has Jordan where he wants her, and NO ONE knows this time. That might be smart because he doesn’t have to worry about people making surprise visits. Everyone suspects she ‘died’ drowning in water. As Michael pointed out, where is the body then? If you don’t find a body it just simply raises the suspicions and unless she is definitively dead, people are going to worry she is still out there ready to strike at any moment.

Claire and Cole have reunited with Claire, who has become a thorn of jealousy for Summer. I mean Summer is seeing green in a way that I have not seen before. She is livid that Claire is immersed in Kyle and Harrison’s lives. She can attempt to play it off all she wants that she is worried about Harrison’s wellbeing, but that would be complete bull. She doesn’t like that Claire is building a bond with Kyle.

Summer no longer has her hooks in Kyle, and it seems NOT only is he ready to move along, but Kyle is smitten by Claire and Harrison adores her. Go play house with Chance, Summer because your time as an Abbott fill-in is over.

The Abbott clan is still dealing with Ashley’s very many alters, and she is not getting the help she needs which means we can expect her to do something drastic very soon that is going to cause all sorts of problems in the very near future for Tucker, Audra and anyone else who might be in her orbit that is trying to bring Ashley Abbott back to reality.

The writers are truly trying to make the audience become invested in this Chelsea, Adam and Connor narrative, but it is not working for me one single bit. I have no clue if the endgame is to see a reunion of Adam and Chelesa, which I would be all for, but then where does that leave Billy? It does seem like Billy and Lily are getting close again, but as a couple they never brought the excitement people, I am sorry it just does NOT work for me at all because they just don’t have the smoldering chemistry or nuanced love that makes you care as a viewer.

With that said, we have to question where “The Young and the Restless” is headed as it relates to Jack Abbott and Nikki Newman. I mean I knew Nikki was an alcoholic, but it seems her drinking has gotten a lot worse. She was on a massive bender and spiraling as a result. It was really unexpected to see Jack break his sobriety and pop those pills, which I think was to scare Nikki and it did the exact trick. She was so scared that she agreed to go to rehab when Victor demanded it of his wife.

However, the real fun begins as it has become clear that Diane was NOT pleased that Jack broke his sobriety for Nikki, of all individuals. At first, I did suspect that Jack was faking with acting like he was taking pills, but that was not the case. All the pressure built up from the various stressors in his life and he needed something to deliver a bit of relief people. So could we see another war between Jack and Victor real soon. I do believe so.