UNITED STATES—Here we have JULY’s familial offenders, and I would like to say it isn’t that hard finding news stories of this type. They are too common.

One. Louisiana.

Chancey Knighten, 33, was so angry about a child leaving chicken on the counter, he smacked each of the children hard enough to knock their head against the wall, before one of them confessed that it was the 5-year-old that did it. Then he punched the little boy, who had to go to the ER. When the police came for the father, he tried to beat up the K9 unit too. Click here for more.

Two. Nevada.

A 3-year-old is dead and her 23 year-old father Justin Bennett has been arrested. The case is a disturbing one, and shows a previous investigation by CPS because of his was of disciplining like a “drill sergeant.” Spankings with a wooden spoon, forced eating of mustard. Evidence of previous injuries.

This is what is happening behind closed doors across our nation and I believe that those WHO LIVE WITH IT, have chronic pain disorders, most likely never to be found as old fractures once the bones heal and mend. Click here for more.

Three. Georgia.

A 45-year-old Georgia grandmother has been arrested and her infant grandbaby is dead by heroin overdose. Tonya Monroe is being accused of “felony murder, possession of meth and cruelty to children.” Click here for more.

Four. Missouri.

Jared Williams, 24, abandoned “an infant” after having a shootout with police! The one thing that is not clear, and I have read several articles, is whose baby was he in charge of? Click here for more.

Five. Louisiana.

The grandparents worst nightmare came true, when a grandmother had to call police to report not seeing her 2-year-old grandson in a couple of weeks.

Online commenters are baffled by the case and remark that is reminiscent of Casey Anthony, because the unknown cause of death may allow the (supposed) murdering 21-year-old parents, Gabrielle Whittington and Onterio Thompson, to walk on light charges. Click here for more.

Six. South Carolina.

A mother, Kimberly Nicole Martines, from South Carolina is under arrest after allegedly giving her infant SALT in order to make the baby sick and get attention from the father. The baby, 17-month-old Peyton, died within days of being poisoned by the sodium. Click here for more.

Seven. Texas.

Melanie Brooke Holloway, 37, has been arrested after telling her 7-year-old daughter to “take a hike.” A good citizen found the child more than a mile from the home, walking barefoot. Click here for more.

Eight. Utah.

Beatings with a belt, belts around the neck. A 10-year-old shoplifting. This case shows abuse and cruelty by 30-year-old Lucinda Escobar and the children have been removed from the home. Click here for more.

Nine. California.

A 13-year-old girl and aspiring Olympian from California is dead and her 14-year-old brother, unnamed, has been arrested. The only thing we know is that there was blunt force trauma. Click here for more.

Ten. Ohio.

Charles Crawford has been arrested and his 4-month-old baby has been found deceased on the side of the river. He claims that someone stole the baby from his car, but the police do not believe him. Click here for more.


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