HOLLYWOOD—There are so many things that are happening in the month of June. June is the perfect month for brides, proms, Father’s Day, and the news that Clint Eastwood is going to direct a film about Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the pilot who famously crash-landed a plane back in 2009 in New York’s Hudson River. Thanks to the expertise and bravery of Captain Sullenberger, all 155 people on board US Airways flight 1549 survived, which the incident was dubbed “Miracle on the Hudson.”

Warner Bros. confirmed Clint Eastwood would direct and produce the drama, which will be based on Captain Sullenberger’s own memoir. Eastwood’s last film was the biggest box-office hit “American Sniper.” The film, starred Bradley Cooper as Navy Seal Chris Kyle, it took $543.4 million globally and was the biggest movie of 2014 in the US.

The film will show the behind-the scenes drama surrounding Sullenberger’s emergency landing on the 15th of January 2009, after a flock of birds flew into the plane’s jet engines, causing them to fail. Sullenberger wrote a book titled, “Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters,” also details his personal history before the accident. The book was co-written by Wall Street Journal columnist Jeffrey Zaslow. He retired after 30 years as a pilot in 2010 and now spends his free time campaigning for better flight safety. Sully is regarded as an American hero.

It also happened in June, that Enrique Iglesias’s hand injuries were far worse than expected. The 40-year-old sliced his fingers open when he tried to grab a drone camera, which was taking pictures of the audience, at a concert last week. Following reconstructive surgery on June 1, it was announced he would need several weeks to recover. Enrique was performing in Tijuana, Mexico when he reached for the drone, apparently in an attempt to give his fans a point-of-view shot from the stage. Not only did he suffer a fracture, but he needs reconstructive surgery. He was treated at the show, however, was advised to end the show, which he continued to perform for another 30 minutes. He was rushed by ambulance to the airport and then put on a plane to LA to see a specialist. Social media went crazy with pictures of his bandaged hand and blood-covered T-shirt. Enrique is one of the highest-selling Latin musicians of all time, selling more than 137 million albums worldwide. He is expected to resume his tour on July 3 in Mexico City.

His brother Julio Iglesias, Jr, legally changed his name from Julio Jose to Julio Iglesias, Jr. The singer was the winner of the CMT reality television show “Gone Country.” Unlike his brother Enrique, he will perform a complete show with his father Julio Iglesias on July 2 at Sala Palatului in the capital Bucharest. It would be brilliant of the father and the two sons appeared in concert or at least made a personal appearance together on stage.

Rose’s Scoop: By now the world has seen Caitlyn Jenner (Bruce Jenner) on the cover of Vanity Fair. The 22-page cover story includes an in-depth and candid interview, including topics, on Caitlyn’s decision on genital surgery, regrets in parenthood and past marriages. E! has announced an eight-part, one-hour documentary series titled “I Am Cait,” which will illustrate her life as a transgender woman. It will explore the transition of all the people in her life and how the relationships are affected. Out of curiosity everyone will tune in to watch “I Am Cait,” which will premiere July 26.