BEVERLY HILLS—The city of Beverly Hills is reminding citizens about ‘Just in case BH Be ready, Be safe’ after an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.5 rocked Beverly Hills early in the early morning hours July 30.

After the tremors were felt the city tweeted, “Did you feel it?” sharing a link to the document of the initiative launched to keep citizens informed and prepared during emergencies.

The initiative works in collaboration with the City’s Communications, Police and Fire Departments, Just in Case, BH will connect the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Neighborhood Watch programs to create a communication network for residents in all parts of the city.

Due to the proximity of the fault zone which runs through the city, earthquakes are frequent in this region and as a precaution the city of Beverly Hills laid out regulation in 2014 for all new commercial and multi-family constructions requiring a mandatory seismic study of the property perimeters.

The city of Beverly Hills lays importance on keeping its citizens well informed and connected during natural calamities through efficient communication.

“During an emergency, consistent and timely communication is critical to manage response efforts and ensure public safety,” said City Manager George Chavez. He added, “Just in Case, BH will work to develop a robust network of neighborhood resources to better connect our community in times of emergency.”

Through this initiative, the City plans to establishment of a well-developed network with the citizens direct e-mail communication, Nixel notifications, neighborhood meetings and other such tools will provide explicit information in times of emergency.

The City encourages citizens to learn more about the initiative.