UNITED STATES—On November 20, Arizona Attorney General, Mark Brnovich announced he would not certify the Arizona election until he receives a full report on the “Maricopa County election irregularities, and possible legal violations.” 

On November 8, Brnovich encouraged those who were uncertain about their election results to file a complaint. 

SOS Katie Hobbs is the overseer of the election results as governor.  The Maricopa County Board of Elections is hearing testimony over voter frustrations, allegations of voter fraud, ballot box stuffing, and thousands of witnesses who tried to follow and find their ballot to check their vote and were unable to find it.

On November 17, the election results were not tallied, but Hobbs publicly declared victory over her opponent, former news anchor, Kari Lake, who has refused to concede.

On her Twitter page, Lake shared the voting frustrations of one Arizonian, an individual called, “Shalissa.”

“Shalissa arrives [at] 5:45 a.m. to vote before work Tabulator rejects ballot 7 a.m.: tech arrives, can’t fix, tells people to put [the] ballot in Box3 or leave She stays 8:30 a.m.: Dominion arrives/resets machine No luck She looks at [the] ballot. [The] ink is faded Unreadable 9 a.m. She misses work.”

The county has a total of 4,750 early ballots, 409 provisional ballots, and 2,900 ballots to be tabulated for a total of 8,059 ballots to process.

Katie Hobbs

“The unofficial General election results will display at the bottom below starting at 8:00 p.m. starting on November 8, 2022. Please be aware these are unofficial results. The state canvass of the General Election will be held on December 5, 2022, and the official results will be published on that date. Counties will provide ballot progress information as soon as they are able,” Hobbs posted on the Secretary of State website.

For U.S. Senate, Democrat Mark Kelly has 51.4 percent of the vote, compared to Republican Blake Masters with 46.5 percent.

Democrat Katie Hobbs holds 50.3 percent of the Vote compared to Republican Kari Lake with 49.7 percent for Govenor.

For Secretary of State, Democrat Adrian Fontes holds 52.4 percent of the vote compared to Mark Finchem who has 47.6 of the vote.

For Attorney General’s, Democrat Kris Mayes and Republican Abraham Hamedeh are currently carrying 50 percent each.

State Treasurer Republican Kimberly Yee holds 55.7 percent, while Democrat Martin Quezada holds 44.3 percent.

The printers not serviced with ink and toner affected 17,000 ballots. Apache County has 300 early votes, and 210 provisional equaling 510 ballots, yet to be processed.
Graham County has 11 early ballots to process.

Pima County has 2 early ballots, and 2,081 provisional ballots a total of 2,083 ballots to process. According to the chart, there is a total of 10,663 uncounted ballots.