HOLLYWOOD—Who would have thought after all these years that Ava Jerome would be the person responsible for her own daughter, Kiki’s demise on “General Hospital?” Her constant rage and hatred for her daughter sleeping with Griffin gave serial killer Ryan Chamberlain all the motivation to name his next target that was found dead in the most shocking way this week. Yes, rumors have been buzzing for weeks, and we can now confirm that Kiki Jerome is the latest victim of Ryan Chamberlain. She was found by Jordan and Curtis as they returned to their wedding suite after the reception.

All we can say is it will indeed be a wedding that Curtis and Jordan will never forget, not to mention Port Charles should be aware a serial killer is running rampant and no one is safe, no one! Ava was on cloud nine after sharing that kiss with Kevin, but here world came crashing down when what she wished for came true, but in the worst way possible: she wanted Kiki gone, and now she is gone literally and figuratively. I mean this is the same woman who killed Connie Falconeri, drugged Morgan, slept with her daughter Kiki’s boyfriend on multiple occasions and has been the catalyst for so many crimes in the past, and this might be the powers that be punishing her in the worst possible way.

Maura West is a sensational actress and this story arc is about to deliver some of the best acting from this lady to date, not to mention, Ava will be out for major blood and she will indeed get her revenge, but when she learns that the guy she was confiding her emotions, and she has been canoodling with murdered her daughter, viewers might see a rage never seen before.

Let’s decipher a bit what ultimately led to Kiki’s demise. Unable to forgive Kiki and Griffin for sleeping together during their drunken stupor, Ava wanted her daughter to feel the same pain she felt. So she decided to make it appear that Griffin and Sasha slept together by drugging Sasha’s soup and clocking Griffin over the head. Ava alluded to the revelation to Franco who informed Kiki who walked in on Sasha and Griffin. When Griffin and Sasha explained the situation, Kiki immediately suspected her mother and confronted her.

She tore into Ava in a way that hasn’t been done in quite some time America. However, Ryan was watching from a distance. This is concerning people Ryan selects his targets carefully and he has been ‘watching’ Kiki for quite some time. Ava made a major enemy out of Nina who was ready to scratch, claw and slap Ava for her latest stunt, but the situation was interrupted by Ryan. I love this animosity between Nina and Ava, because it gives Ava a foe unlike any other.

We know Nina was off her rocker a few years back, and with her newly found ‘daughter’ being threatened, she will do anything to protect her, but Kiki’s death was a stunner for Port Charles and it will change the dynamic Ava has with so many people who sense she is a pariah. The death of a child changes everything, and this guilt will eat Ava alive because she will think her wish of her daughter being gone finally came to fruition.

Carly and Laura are the only ones who realize something is off about Kevin; Carly just learned a clue about the mystery patient and the name ‘Wilson,’ while Laura knows ‘Kevin’ is not acting like himself. The truth about the twin switch is going to come out and one of these two ladies will be responsible for exposing it. Now that Ryan has become infatuated with Ava, she should be worried sick especially whenever Ryan chooses his next victim.

Do I suspect that Ava can take Felicia’s place? Not a chance and I’m seriously hoping this storyline explodes in a massive way as February sweeps dawns upon us. I want to return back to Sasha who is concerned about her safety after what Ava did, which she informed Valentin about. Valentin be careful, you have Spencer still making threats, and something tells me this kid is the one who will learn your little secret and expose it to the world. If he thought Nina was livid about his role in Nathan’s death, this will lead her to explode in a major way.

The audience learned that Aiden is being teased in school by Charlotte of all people! Yes, that little girl is a feisty one just like her father. I wonder how Lulu and Valentin will deal with Charlotte and how Elizabeth and Franco will react after learning who Aiden’s tormentor is. The biggest news of the hour that I am so happy to see exposed is that Joss has finally learned that Oscar is sick! Yes, after weeks of wondering, Joss knows that Oscar was only pushing her away to protect her from heartache. So much for her burgeoning relationship with Cameron; this should indeed be interesting to say the least.

Ryan’s latest victim is about to send “General Hospital” into overdrive, because it impacts more lives than ever including Franco, Nina, Ava, Griffin, Sonny, Carly, Julian, Alexis and so many others. Our killer may have targeted a victim that will ultimately lead to his exposure, but the question everyone is thinking now: who will be his next target? Time will indeed tell “General Hospital” fans!