HOLLYWOOD—I was secretly praying that the writers of “The Young and the Restless” would not make Tessa the culprit responsible for blackmailing Phyllis, Victoria, Sharon and Nikki. Am I surprised? No, is it rather predictable, without a doubt. However, it set the stage for Mariah to discover what the fearsome four have been up to, not to mention showcasing that Tessa has not changed a single bit.

Her goal is and always has been to make money. With that in mind, Mariah forced her lover to get rid of all that money, but Tessa secretly stored it in a teddy bear. Tessa gave over the goods to Mariah with that flash drive while maintaining her backup copy. Little did Tessa realize that she was playing with Victor Newman’s daughter, Victoria, who can be just as ruthless as her father!

I like seeing this side of Victoria; she is cunning and cutthroat when it comes to getting what she wants. Victoria wanted answers and she got them while utilizing a bit of leverage over her foe. So Tessa has to keep mum now or she’ll pay a price she never expected: being framed for J.T.’s murder! Yes, Victoria dropped that bomb and I would not be surprised if she was able to convince the authorities that Tessa did indeed commit the crime and having footage inside the apartment only strengthens Victoria’s argument.

There is one more hiccup that makes my theory seem plausible: J.T. is not really dead. There was no way that Tessa moved the body, which means someone else knows the ladies’ secret or J.T. managed to escape being buried alive. The question I want to know is where is J.T. and what does he have planned for Sharon, Victoria, Nikki and Phyllis? Speaking of Phyllis this woman is living her life like there is not a care in the world. I mean she is running Jabot, and is flaunting her new relationship to the entire town of Genoa City. I mean Billy is aware of his ex and Nick’s relationship and so is Sharon.

Sharon has found herself in a crazy predicament because Rey on one end has feelings for Sharon, but his estranged wife Mia has arrived in town. She was first linked to Arturo, but when that flamed out she moved onto Rey, and let’s just say the relationship between the brothers has not been the same since. Arturo hates Mia, and Abby has a bit of pent up anger against Arturo’s ex. I sense a cat fight in the near future America, not to mention Rey has lingering feelings for Sharon that Mia has picked up on.

Mia seems like the very jealous type and Sharon does own the building where her hubby is staying. Sharon is a power player in this burgeoning romance, just as she helps Mariah with her relationship woes. Tessa has lost her job at Crimson lights and Mariah is torn on rather to continuing to pursue a relationship with Tessa in the midst of all that she has done. Beyond the J.T. mystery not much is transpiring in Genoa City besides Devon grappling with Hilary’s death, Lola and Kyle deciding where they stand with their relationship, and Abby finally deciding to take control of her career aspirations. How can I best say this? This J.T. reveal better pay off otherwise “Y&R” will have some very upset fans.