BEVERLY HILLS—Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Kim Richards’ daughter has deleted her Instagram as her husband’s family is involved a fraud scandal.

Richard’s daughter, Brooke Wiederhorn, and her husband Thayer, whose father is the CEO of the Fatburger franchise, are being investigated by the federal government. The family is being investigated for money laundering.

Andrew Wiederhorn, Thayer’s father, is also being looked at by the Feds for wire fraud, money laundering, and attempted tax evasion.

In December 2021, the feds raided Brooke and Thayer’s home. The agents left with phones, digital storage devices, tax documents, and other records from the home.

The agents also reportedly asked a judge for permission to raid Andrew’s home, but it is unclear if they have been given permission to do so. Andrew is accused of routing company money through his son’s Paypal account to generate fraudulent American Express rewards points.

No criminal charges have been filed. Andrew’s lawyer has denied the fraud accusations stating, “Mr. Wiederhorn categorically denies these allegations and at the appropriate time we will demonstrate that the government has its facts wrong. These loans were completely legitimate and were independently reviewed and approved. In addition, Mr. Wiederhorn’s tax returns were prepared and approved by independent tax professionals and he has been making payments under a plan approved by the IRS.”

Kim has yet to comment on her daughter’s home being raided by the feds, and there is no more to add to this story at this time.