SAN FERNANDO VALLEY—Since Ms. Whiskers, a lively and loving kitten, was rescued, she has brought joy and happiness to her family. She loves to play and run about the house, and spends hours chasing her play mouse and balls around, according to her owner, Malissa Rabold.

Three weeks ago, on April 10, Ms. Whiskers was hit by a car. The driver did not stop, and the accident resulted in a broken leg. According to a veterinarian at Mid Valley Veterinary Hospital in Van Nuys, Ms. Whiskers suffered a complete break and will not be able to fully heal without surgical intervention.

Whiskers 2

Ms. Whiskers is currently 6 to 9 months old and unable to walk, due to her injuries. She needs surgery as soon as possible for her broken leg and a possible broken hip, so that she can resume her normal routine and grow and play like other kittens.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Ms. Whiskers’ family. According to the page, they would like to ask the public for help to alleviate the costs of her treatment. Any amount will be appreciated and put to good use.

Ms. Whiskers was rescued by Malissa’s boyfriend when he spotted a man releasing her into an alley outside his workplace.

“Not one week before my boyfriend, Erick, found Ms. Whiskers, his daughter Briana told him how much she wanted a kitten,” Malissa told Canyon News in an email. “That very next week, Erick saw a man open a box outside his work in the alley way and out came Ms. Whiskers. Erick spent hours coaxing Ms. Whiskers out from under cars, leaving treats, hoping to rescue her.”

Erick was finally able to gain Ms. Whiskers’ trust and bring her home, according to Malissa. His mother went out the same day and bought a bed, food, and toys for the kitten.

“Erick’s family wasn’t looking to adopt a kitten, but we feel like Ms Whiskers found us,” Malissa said. “She was very distrusting at first, but has grown to love her new home, where she feels safe and loved.”

Malissa indicated that Ms. Whiskers will need to be bandaged up for some time after the surgery for the healing process to be complete. The veterinarian assured her that Ms. Whiskers will make a full recovery. Since she is young, she will heal quickly and return to being a normal, happy kitten.

“Ms. Whiskers is most definitely the boss!” Malissa said of the kitten’s personality. “She makes her needs known, meowing constantly until her food bowl is placed in front of her, even though she gets fed up to three times a day! When she isn’t playing, she’s sleeping in the dining room chair or under the table.”

As of today, $1,055 has been donated to Ms. Whiskers’ cause, of the $3,000 goal. Visit to make a donation and to share Ms. Whiskers’ story with others.