HOLLYWOOD—Its a storyline where I have been wondering what direction the writers were planning to go with the impending nuptials for Kyle and Lola. It felt like a quickie wedding, but after the turmoil and ups and downs of it all Kyle and Lola finally took the plunge down the aisle, but oh, it was not without drama and juicy drama to say the least. For starters, Mariah hosted a festive bachelor and bachelorette for her pals, but drama ensured and the audience got some juicy details about Kyle’s past.

For starters, Kyle and Theo got into a tiff, where we learned Kyle has plenty in his past that he doesn’t want to come to light, specifically the fact that he and Theo partook in some event with an underage girl. Whatever happened was quite bad, and Kyle doesn’t want this bomb to come to light. I will admit I was the least bit interested in this wedding, until now. Whatever this secret is, it is about to come too light and in perfect timing because what is a wedding without a bit of drama America. Making matters worse, it was Summer of all people to discover Kyle’s secret. Hmm, I wonder what Summer will do with this information; we know she loves to have a bit of leverage against people.

They’ve been at war before, but now it looks like Chelsea and Adam are fully at war in regards to the parenting of Connor. Chelsea had a soft spot and allowed Adam to come face-to-face with Connor, where father and son shared a touching reunion. Chelsea found herself in a difficult spot, as Connor was pulling for things to go back to where they were: as a family. Chelsea doesn’t like that one bit, and it doesn’t help that Connor is fueling a bit of rage against his mother for not allowing him to have the relationship with his father that he wants.

Like classic Adam, he threatened to take Chelsea to court to regain his parental rights. So Chelsea gives Adam an inch and he takes a mile. This does not make Chelsea happy as she leans on Nick for anything to point her in the right direction. Everyone seems to think Nick and Chelsea are on the cusp of a reunion, and if they are not, I have no clue what these two are doing. It’s obvious these two still care about each other and its apparent half of the residents of Genoa City think the same. With Nick delivering more bruises to Adam’s face, it’s safe to say Chelsea and Nick reuniting would be Adam’s worst nightmare.

Speaking of Adam, he continues to betray people like nothing else. He has now burned Phyllis who has been working to raise funds for the Grand Phoenix hotel. Phyllis’ inability to raise those funds forced Adam to turn to another billionaire, one that everyone in GC knows all too well: Devon. We know Adam is a mover and shaker and has no problem going into business with the Devil if it benefits him, within moral standards. So Phyllis received her walking papers courtesy of Adam, but his gloating soon turned to anger when her learned that Victor was responsible for implementing a restraining order against Adam. Yup, Adam can no longer have contact with Christian.

Adam was not happy and threatened to bring Victor down and the entire Newman clan. Now Adam, you should know it’s never a wise idea to threaten Victor Newman. This guy KNOWS PEOPLE, and does some vicious things at times to get what he wants even backstabbing his own family. Just ask Nick, Victoria and Nikki if you doubt that. I like this idea of a war between Victor and Adam; for once it might prove to Adam it’s never a wise idea to go against the one person who was in your corner whenever everyone else wasn’t.