WEST HOLLYWOOD — On Wednesday, July 1, the West Hollywood Division of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department updated their official Facebook and Twitter pages with a new community bulletin regarding COVID-19 and face masks.

The post states that starting in the month of July, administrative citations will be given out to people who refuse to wear a face cover/mask when out in public. They also state in the message that this consequence was the “last option to conduct enforcement… but the risk to Community Health is too great.”

The official community bulletin post taken from LASD West Hollywood’s official Twitter page

In addition, the department states that the station has been educating people about the importance of face covers/masks out in public since the order was first put into place by the governor of California on Thursday, June 18.

The local station also listed the price of the initial fee that will be paid by first-time rule breakers. The fine for first-offenders itself is $250, with a $50 processing fee resulting in a total fee of $300 for first-offenders. From that point onward, the price of the ticket itself will continuously be raised, though the processing fee of $50 will remain constant.

The community bulletin post was ended with a plea to the community to wear masks/face coverings to “keep everyone healthy and control the spread of the virus.”