HOLLYWOOD—This week there were so many extraordinary performances by actresses on daytime television. However, the two standouts were Hunter Tylo, who portrays Taylor Forrester on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and Sharon Case, who portrays Sharon Newman on “The Young and the Restless.” Both women had scene-stealing moments on their shows. Tylo’s character Taylor gifted her devious daughter Steffy 25 percent of Forrester Creations and Case’s character Sharon was caught up in yet another scandal, this time shooting her ex-husband Adam Newman. Both Case and Tylo had difficult scenes to do, but came out on top as always. Drama filled and emotionally charged scenes played by these two ladies to perfection.

On “The Bold and the Beautiful” Taylor was faced with two dilemmas. First and foremost, her daughter Steffy was being pushed out of the family business Forrester Creations because Steffy was falsely accused of leaking the secret that Brooke had an affair with her daughter’s boyfriend. Then Taylor found out that Hope was recreating the night of her graduation party so that she could try to grasp how her mother and boyfriend had sex without realizing what they were doing. Taylor knew that both her daughter Steffy and Brooke’s daughter Hope were about to go over the edge emotionally. Being a psychiatrist and mother, Taylor was extremely empathetic to both young women and with Hunter Tylo’s amazing and charismatic performance, you got the feeling that things would eventually work out for everyone in this dysfunctional family.

When Maria Bell puts Sharon Newman in the Abbott cabin during a storm, fans know that there is going to be a lot more than just thunder, lightning and rain. This week after being frightened, Sharon shot into the darkness, with a bullet hitting her ex-husband Adam, who was stalking the blonde beauty. Sharon Case makes the role so fresh on a daily basis. She never tires of the many problems her on screen persona seems to be plagued with. Case recently told Canyon News, “I love what Maria Bell gives Sharon to go through. She is such a wonderful writer and I love my exciting storyline as well as all the others on our show.” Maria Bell’s skills as a writer are second to none. Neither is Sharon Case’s talent as an actress.

Both Case and Tylo are superb in their roles and look for big surprises for both ladies and their characters in the weeks to come. “B&B” and “Y&R” air weekdays on CBS.

Photograph are Courtesy: Hunter Tylo by Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip Television Productions and Sharon Case by CBS Studios