HOLLYWOOD —This week’s leading ladies gold standards goes to two of the best actresses on television. Susan Flannery, who beats the competition always and Ashley Jones. Ms. Flannery portrays Stephanie Forrester and Ms. Jones Bridget Forrester Marone. Both ladies are not only beautiful but are such incredible performers on a daily basis that they leave fans and viewers breathless with anticipation for the next episode of “B&B.”

Ashley Jones had a terrific week but Bridget’s didn’t turn out so well. After getting morning sickness, Bridget realized that she needed to take a pregnancy test. When Bridget took the test she found out that she’s indeed pregnant. The problem is she’s not sure if the baby’s her husband’s or his stepfather. Bridget has found herself in a situation her mother Brooke Logan has been in many times before. However, for the physician and fashion designer, she’s kept herself free of scandal until now. Seeing the horror expressed on Ashley’s beautiful face was amazing to watch. Earlier in the week Bridget and Nick were a happy couple, but you know that’s not going to last. Sleeping with another man may have been forgivable for Nick, but will he be able to forgive his wife for keeping it in the family? Who knows! Fans can’t wait to see, but Jones is doing Emmy-worthy work daily. It’s wonderful to see Bridget in a quandary. The problem for her is just beginning, as her nemesis and former surrogate may be on to Bridget’s dirty little secret with her mother-in-law’s husband Owen.

Never count out Stephanie Forrester when she’s down. Just months ago Stephanie remained heartbroken that she lost her husband again to a Logan tart. This time it’s Donna, the middle daughter of her college nemesis Beth Logan. Stephanie’s also battled and lost her husband Eric to Donna’s sister Brooke as well. Though every woman in L.A. has lost a man to Brooke. At least in Bradley Bell’s side of town. When Eric asked Stephanie last week to move into the guest house on his estate, the home Queen Stephanie once called her own palace, it was fireworks. Donna went ballistic but Stephanie remained calm and she’s got her eye on her ex yet again. Donna may have a few physical attributes La Forrester may not have right now, but she does not and never will have Stephanie’s class, determination and power. Everyone knows Eric won’t be able to resist his ex-wife as she’s right outside down the lawn. Look out Donna, Stephanie Forrester is on the make. No one and nothing can stop her.

Jones featured high drama and intensity this week, while Miss Flannery showed us she’s still got it! The it is talent and the ability to play this role in such a fascinating and exciting way that there can only be one Susan Flannery and one Stephanie Forrester.

“B&B” airs weekdays on CBS.