BEVERLY HILLS —Continuing our series this week of the most handsome men in Hollywood, we choose David Lee Garver, an actor, a father and a very nice guy; Brandon Beemer, who stars as Owen Knight on CBS’s mega hit series “The Bold and the Beautiful”; and HBO hunk Sam Trammell, who stars are Sam Merlotte on “True Blood.” Each week we choose men who are not only handsome but very solid, standup men in a town that is often flaky and fickle. Garver is blowing away the critics and audiences in Henry Jaglom’s “45 Minutes From Broadway,” Trammell is winning hearts of women all over the world as the shape shifter on “True Blood” and Beemer, what can we say? He stars on the most watched show on the planet and he’s under contract with Bradley Bell. Can anything in life be better than that?

David Lee Garver has starred on soaps, in films and he’s also a behind the scenes wizard. Today he stands on stage at the Edgemar and makes his leading ladies Tanna Frederick and Julie Davis swoon. What guy wouldn’t want to either look like David or take him out with you? Surely every lady in the room would take a second look at the table you’re seated and have to come over to meet the handsome man. Not only is David an extremely talented actor, but he’s one of the nicest guys who has arrived in Hollywood and thankfully he’s made his dreams and his adoring fans’ dreams come true. Henry Jaglom who is a genius at casting made the right choice with Garver as his play’s leading man.

Sam Trammell is a trained thespian who left the stage and agreed to appear on a series the great Alan Ball was creating. Two years later “True Blood” has become a phenomenon. The HBO series pits vampires against werewolves and maenads against shape shifters. Since showing up with a bag of cash and buying up half the town of Bon Temps, Sam Merlotte has had his affairs with more of his waitresses than Warren Beatty with his leading ladies. Trammell is too much of a gentleman to be a cad, but fans are excited about seeing him along with his other handsome co-stars when the series kicks off season three in June.

Then there’s the man that Bradley Bell cast as his resident good guy/bad guy. That’s right, on “B&B” nothing is as black and white as playing a boring one-sided role. Bell who has created the most successful soap in American history has topped Aaron Spelling with creating camp with class. From the Forresters to the Marones and the Logans, Brandon Beemer’s Owen has had his hands on all the leading ladies from the core families on the series. His latest conquest is his wife’s daughter-in-law and it surely will mean trouble for the hunk in L.A. However, Brandon Beemer is far too gracious and amazing to be such a cad, though he plays one with aplomb.

Beemer, Garver and Trammell are men in Hollywood who will go far.