HOLLYWOOD—This week’s leading man gold standard goes to handsome and amazingly talented actor Don Diamont, who portrays Bill Spencer on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful.” What a pleasure it is to see a powerful and magnetic actor portray such a domineering tyrant. Actually, Bill is not a bad guy, but seeing him put the screws to the Forresters, most especially Eric and Stephanie, is painful for longtime viewers like me. Isn’t that the point? Don Diamont knows how to portray the role in such a brilliant and forceful manner that fans just can’t get enough of the actor who plays Bill. Don’s mesmerizing personality is almost addictive on the small screen. This week was one of his best performances, and that says a lot about a man who never gives less than a “force of nature” performance daily and for decades.

Don Diamont leaves no prisoners in his performance as the son of a publishing mogul. Bill however does not play second fiddle to his late father. This week he put the screws to Stephanie, Eric, Ridge and Seffy in a way that hasn’t ever been seen before. Not since Sheila put a bullet in Queen Stephanie’s chest has she been beaten in such a forceful way. Diamont is such a gentleman and such a gracious man, but he sure plays a bad guy better than anyone else on daytime TV. This week Bill not only took on the Forresters, but he also had to keep his wife Katie and sister-in-law Brooke from taking Stephanie’s offer so quickly. Don was brilliant in how he played hardball with Stephanie and Eric, only to soften up immediately when dealing with Katie and Brooke. This is a testament to the handsome actor’s innate and exceptional abilities as an actor. His work was reminiscent of Henry Fonda and Monty Clift at their best and in their prime.

Don continues to offer such astonishing performances as Bill, and fans are excited about seeing his return to the show. The Forrester family is the head of L.A.’s fashion dynasty. Though they can’t seem to get rid of Bill and he is able to outwit them on his best day and on his worst, as we saw on Monday’s exciting episode, he only needs a little time to put his adversaries down on the mat. How Don Diamont is able to fully perform in such a cool and calculating way, with phenomenal timing and grace, is beyond my comprehension.

I pride myself on knowing what is going to happen next on our favorite soaps. However, with the two-time Emmy-award-winning drama “The Bold and the Beautiful” and this year’s winner for Best Writing in a Drama, Bradley P. Bell, I find myself surprised every single episode. That says a lot about Brad’s distinguished writing and Don Diamont’s equally as distinguished and award-worthy performance as one of daytime television’s most exciting bad guys, Bill Spencer.

“B&B” airs weekdays on CBS

Photographs Courtesy: Don Diamont by Monty Brinton for CBS© and (Bill, Katie and Brooke) still by JPI Studios©