HOLLYWOOD—This week’s Leading Men Gold Standard goes to actors Rick Hearst, who portrays Whip Jones on “The Bold and the Beautiful” and Joshua Morrow, who portrays Nick Newman on “The Young and the Restless.” Both men performed brilliantly and made us take notice of their fine work as sharp leading men. Daytime TV has the ability to acquaint the audience with the characters so much better, since they are in our living rooms on a daily basis. However, these two great actors made such a strong impression this week that they stand out as the best of the week.

Rick Hearst has a number of Emmys® on his shelf, but it’s his strong work ethic as an actor that shines through the role of Whip Jones on a daily basis. He’s always fresh and makes the role exciting and entertaining for the viewers. With such amazing writing on “B&B” Hearst spent the week showing the audience a more scheming side of Whip. His week started out bad, as Whip overheard his wife Taylor speak glowingly of her ex-husband Ridge to her former mother-in-law. Then he watched in amazement along with the rest of us while Taylor admitted that she still has feelings for Ridge, even after losing him to Brooke Logan, the sexiest woman in the world.

Hearst’s ability to be the standup husband one moment, and the scheming and broody spouse the next shows that he’s capable of playing anything he’s given. It’s great to see Rick on the front burner of “B&B’s” storylines again. When the handsome and respected actor is on the screen, all eyes are on him. “B&B” viewers want to know what’s next for our favorite PR wiz Whip? Don’t miss it next week, because what Whip does next is going to shock you.

Fans are always in love with Nick Newman and his portrayer Joshua Morrow. However, Joshua is a lot more than just a hunk, he’s an actor who knows how to bring on his dramatic skills and when he’s doing it, we are left powerless to his emotions and utter control of our attention. This young man has grown up on “Y&R,” but we are always amazed when we see another side of Nick, thanks to his wonderful performer. This week Nick searched relentlessly for his ex-wife Sharon, who was being hounded and stalked by Nick’s sociopath brother Adam. Nick called in his friend and attorney Michael Baldwin to go with him to New Orleans where Sharon is missing. Then we watched as Nick lit fires under the New Orleans police demanding that they find his brother, who is a person of interest in a murder plot back home in Genoa City.

Nick knew wherever he found his brother Adam that his ex-wife Sharon would be there as well. Though he didn’t realize just how close Sharon and Adam would be. Look for shocking fallout for Nick, Sharon and everyone in their lives next week.

“Y&R” and “B&B” both air weekdays on CBS.

Photographs are Courtesy: Rick Hearst by Monty Brinton for CBS and Joshua Morrow by Charles William Bush Photography