Leading Men, Fighting Knights

HOLLYWOOD—This week’s Leading Men Gold Standard performers include Doug Davidson, who portrays Paul Williams on CBS’s “The Young and the Restless,” Jack Wagner, who portrays Nick Marone on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” and his costar Don Diamont, who plays Bill Spencer. These men crushed the competition with strong performances and had one thing in common. They all were white knights who were determined to right a wrong. All three had marvelous performances with great leading ladies who, like their leading men, deliver on a daily basis, as only daytime stars are capable of doing.


Jack Wagner

Doug Davidson’s Paul has always been supportive and protective of the women in his life. This week when Paul found out from a newspaper article that his beloved but deranged sister Patti’s psychiatrist Dr. Emily Benson was now engaged to Patti’s ex-husband and the man she’s obsessed with, Jack Abbott, Paul went straight to the doctor and demanded that she now remove herself from his sister’s case at the mental hospital. Emily agreed, then went on to see her patient who, unbeknown to others, is very much aware of the situation and determined to offer her brand of revenge. Patti’s last vengeful act landed billionaire Victor Newman in the hospital with three bullets to his chest. And on a donor list for a new heart, which he did manage to receive.

Paul may be protective of his “Patti Cake,” as he calls her. Though fans are not just worried about Dr. Emily Benson and Jack Abbott, but also about Paul himself. He’s so loyal and protective of Patti that it’s placed him squarely in the path of danger of his sister’s dementia as well. Doug Davidson’s strong performance was overpowering and understated this week, and each week for the past three decades we wonder how he does it so well.

While Nick Marone always helps a damsel in distress without thinking of the consequences, this week was no different. Nick took the surrogate mother Sandy, who is carrying his and Bridget’s baby, to the jail to find out why her rape case had not been solved years earlier. Nick who is played by mega-star and actor supreme Jack Wagner was not only shocked but livid when he realized that budget problems had caused the city of Los Angeles not to test hundreds of rape kits stored in their basement for as many as eight years. Wagner makes every shocking twist Bradley Bell comes up with seem like he was in on it all along. The amazing performance that Wagner handed viewers is not something we’ll soon forget. Nor will we forget the trouble Nick will find himself in when wife Bridget finds out he’s been keeping yet another secret from her and has been helping Sandy without telling Bridget about it all. The character may not be thinking but the actor who portrays him is brilliant and flawless in his delivery in the role.


Don Diamont

Lastly but certainly not least, Don Diamont again proved he’s not Brad Carlton from “Y&R” but Bill Spencer, the billionaire bully who had just about enough of the Forresters and his wife’s sisters, Brooke and Donna Logan this week. Bill confronted the entire executive staff at the fashion house and demanded they repent for trying to sabotage the Dare fashion line at Forrester Creations. Spencer who now owns Forrester creations also confronted his wife for her continued loyalty to her sisters over him and his company. Bradley Bell’s writing was sharp and brilliant.  When Bill told his sisters-in-law Donna and Brooke that they were jealous tramps and that he was surprised they didn’t revert to taking their clothes off when they were plotting against him, it was a line right out of Queen Stephanie’s play book. Diamont brings a powerful image to the small screen and viewers had better prepare for a bumpy ride with the amazing performance that continues to get better every day.  Here is hoping for many more scenes like the ones we enjoyed this week!

These three men, Davidson, Wagner and Diamont are truly what daytime television needs to bring back the viewers. “B&B” and “Y&R” air weekdays on CBS. Each one is set for extremely hot winter storylines. Don’t miss them.


Doug Davidson

Photographs Courtesy: Doug Davidson, JPI, Don Diamont with [Heather Tom, Katie] JPI and Jack Wagner, Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip TV Productions and B&B.