HOLLYWOOD—This week’s leading men gold standard goes to two actors who epitomize realism in their craft, popularity with TV viewers and both men play characters who faced great challenges this week. Joshua Morrow, who portrays Nick Newman on CBS’s number one daytime drama “The Young and the Restless,” faces marital problems, a possible jail sentence and being in love with two women. Jack Wagner, who portrays Nick Marone on the Emmy-winning daytime drama “The Bold and the Beautiful” also faced devastation this week. The end of Nick’s marriage to Bridget was played with gusto! Both actors took very difficult scenes all week and made amazing drama out of them. These are two of the most talented and handsome men on TV.

Joshua Morrow makes gold out of the scripts Maria Arena Bell hands him. The young actor has grown immensely in the role and he makes Nick very multidimensional for viewers. Nick has been in love with ex-wife and first love Sharon as well as his current wife Phyllis. The problems he faces now are, Phyllis has had enough of his indecision about who he wants to spend his life with, he also faces mortal danger if he is unable to prove his innocence in the murder of an innocent man and Nick also harbors secrets that may cause him and his family a great deal of pain and suffering in the future. Maria Bell knows what she’s doing and she does it so well. Morrow’s performance this week left very little to the imagination. He has mastered high drama and manages to blow viewers away, again and again.

Jack Wagner’s Nick Marone found out last week that his wife is pregnant by his mother’s husband Owen. Bridget, played by beauty Ashley Jones has always been the love of Nick’s life and the fact that she betrayed him was bad enough. Now to find out that he’s not the father of the baby she’s carrying, which he has also fallen in love with was too much for the former sailor to endure. Nick’s estrangement from his family is growing. His wife’s betrayal has even caused a division between Nick and his beautiful mom Jackie, played by Lesley-Anne Down. Fans wonder just when Nick will snap, and when will he break? Bradley Bell is writing such brilliant drama and exciting storylines right now. However, this is one of his all-time best.

“Y&R” and “B&B” air weekdays on CBS.

Photographs Courtesy: Joshua Morrow by Lesley Bohm and Jack Wagner by Bell Phillip TV Productions