Leading Men, Such Intensity

HOLLYWOOD —This week’s Leading Men Gold Standard goes to Joshua Morrow, Nick Newman on CBS’s “The Young and the Restless” and Maurice Benard, Sonny Corinthos on ABC’s “General Hospital.” Both men portray intense characters who will stop at nothing to protect or avenge someone they love. Sonny, however, went to the extreme and shot a man, while Nick stood his ground and received his father’s respect and booted his younger brother out of the family multi-billion dollar conglomerate. Morrow’s Nick struggles to be a good guy, while Benard’s Sonny is a mobster with a heart.


Joshua Morrow as Nick Newman

Joshua Morrow is a standup guy who plays a tortured hero in Nick Newman. Maria Arena Bell has created one of the most exciting male leading characters in daytime television history but Morrow knows just how to play the role he’s given and then offers the audience more reason to love the guy. Nick’s life spiraled out of control when his beloved teenage daughter Cassie died from a car accident, then he lost his marriage to the love of his life Sharon. Now Nick’s with Phyllis, they have a daughter of their own and he’s trying to make his marriage work. Despite his trying to do the right thing, his evil brother Adam has seduced his ex-wife Sharon and forced himself on Nick in the company business.

This week Nick found that Adam may be a smarter businessman than he is, but not a good responsible solid person. At least Nick’s father Victor felt that way. Joshua Morrow had to play second fiddle to two other leading men in a scene and without ego and with great style, he knew when to be part of the wall paper. Despite being the most handsome man in the scene, he did so with aplomb. After the scenes played out, and it was time for Nick to stand up and be in the moment, Morrow was there in every way a leading man could be. This is one of the greatest attributes a fine actor can have and Morrow, a team player is one of the greatest assets of “The Young and the Restless” and daytime television can have.


Maurice Benard as Sonny Corinthos

Fans love to see what Nick’s going to do next. Like a mature guy, he’s able and willing to play second fiddle to dad, but the actor plays second fiddle to no one when it comes to talent and good looks. Joshua Morrow and Nick are the reason many of us watch “Y&R” and he’s one of the reasons the show is number one.

Maurice Benard is one of the most smoldering men on screen since Brando walked away from Hollywood. Maurice has made Sonny a man that many would hate but instead we love. This week when he faced off with Dominic, an undercover cop who planned on arresting Sonny, the mobster. Sonny was at the time unaware that Dominic is his son Dante. During the confrontation, a horrific accident occurred and the police officer who had been a mole in Sonny’s mafia organization lie bleeding on the mobster’s floor. Maurice Benard is one of the most fascinating actors to watch on the screen. He’s a living and breathing character actor who exhibit’s the greatest qualities of intensity in the role.

Both men are exceptional thespians in an industry that doesn’t lack talent. Joshua Morrow as Nick Newman can be seen weekdays on CBS’s “The Young and the Restless” while Maurice Benard as Sonny Corinthos is on ABC daytime’s mega drama “General Hospital.”

Photographs Courtesy: Joshua Morrow by CharlesWmBushPhotography.com and Maurice Benard by Edifikation Productions.