HOLLYWOOD—This week’s Leading Men Gold Standard goes to three tremendously talented actors who star on daytime TV’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “The Young and the Restless.” Adam Gregory, who portrays Thomas Forrester on “B&B”; Winsor Harmon, who portrays Thorne Forrester on “B&B”; and Emmy-winning actor Eric Braeden, who portrays Victor Newman on “Y&R” all showed the television viewers what great acting chops they have. All three men had very interesting scenes this week on their shows, and they made absolutely the most out of what they had been given. All three men work for overly-talented writers and producers, who never let them down and these three actors never let their fans down either.

When casting guru Christy Dooley casts one of the most handsome men in Hollywood in a role on her series, you know the actor possesses a lot more than just great looks. Adam Gregory, who has been recently cast on “B&B” as Thomas Forrester is doing a magnificent job in the role. He’s lucky to be working opposite Katherine Kelly Lang, Ronn Moss, Winsor Harmon, Hunter Tylo and four-time Emmy winner Susan Flannery. This week Thomas traveled to Paris with stepmother and sex addict Brooke Logan Forrester, who no Forrester man has been able to resist. Brooke—after seducing Ridge, Thorne and Eric—unwittingly set her spell on Thomas some weeks ago, only to be caught up in the city of romance with her husband’s handsome son.

Gregory’s work was often challenging, but he rose to the occasion. He portrayed a young man, who doesn’t have a lot of experience with women but still felt compelled to be with his father’s wife, the woman no man can resist. His work with Lang is garnering him great attention for good reason. He’s systematically and obsessively perfect for the role of the young Forrester scion, and here is to much more between Gregory and “B&B’s” sexiest leading lady Kelly Lang.

Winsor Harmon, who portrays Thorne Forrester had a unique set of scenes this week on “B&B.” The Forrester men, Eric, Ridge and Thorne discussed their relationships during different periods with Brooke Logan. Neither man realized the dalliance that was occurring thousands of miles away in Paris between Thomas and Brooke. Adding Thomas to the long list of men in this family that seem irresistible to Brooke Logan. Winsor offers consistently one of the most solid and genuine performances in daytime television. He’s uniquely gifted in the art of making every scene seem totally real and fresh.

Then there was one. The great one, Eric Braeden, who portrays billionaire Victor Newman on “Y&R.” Braeden’s character suffered a minor defeat this week. However, Eric knows what he’s doing. We all know that Victor Newman is not a man who loses the war, only minor battles at the hands of his enemies. Victor’s list of enemies has grown vast and large, with daughters Victoria and Abby now on the top of the page. Though Eric Braeden’s solid mesmerizing performance always leaves “Y&R” viewers wanting more. From the pitch of his voice to the depth of his eye contact, viewers feel as if we are in the room with Eric Braeden, who is perhaps one of the most prolific actors of the last half century.
“Y&R” and “B&”B air weekdays on CBS.

Photographs are Courtesy: Adam Gregory and Winsor Harmon by Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip TV Productions and Eric Braeden by Monty Brinton for CBS/Sony Studios