UNITED STATES—The chaos on “Days of Our Lives” has been so grand in recent weeks that I don’t even know where to start. Kristen DiMera returned, EJ DiMera is alive, Nicole died in an explosion, Abigail was committed, and Leo Stark has returned from the dead! Oh, yes, this last bomb was one that viewers knew about, but the look on Will and Sonny’s faces when Leo walked back into their lives said everything. Just when things were looking up, it takes a major turn.

I’m happy for Leo’s return because some long harbored secrets have finally been exposed. Leo finally clued Will and Sonny in on Kate’s ruse in his arrival in town. Sonny was livid, so was Will, just as it became clear to both that Chad was also in on the ruse. Yes, allies or friends are about to become enemies and when Kate was confronted with the truth she was speechless to say the least.

Why is this so pivotal? Leo is tied to Ted and Kate. Ted has been secretly working with Hope who is doing her best to angle a way to fracture Ciara and Ben’s burgeoning romance. Yes, after weeks of teases these two finally shared a kiss, one that Rafe witnessed and warned Hope about. Hope was steaming so she decided to utilize Ted to help her take out Ben once and for all. Here’s the problem, Ted is conniving and if Hope had a conversation with Kate, she’d know that, but she’s only concerned about protecting her daughter.

Rafe delivered a punch to Ted’s face after finding him and Hope in a compromising situation to say the least. Let’s let this play out because the audience still has no idea who started that fire at the cabin and I think it’s long overdue at this point. By the time the revelation comes to light I don’t even think the audience will care to say the least. Rafe has his hands full with Hope, and suspicions started to emerge about his sister Gabi. Rafe knows his sister is no angel, and he suspects she might be up to no good. Gabi is indeed a busy woman, still cozying up to Chad, while holding those paternity results right in her purse.

Do it already Gabi, save yourself from the grief otherwise things will get awfully bad for you. Why? Stefan is mesmerized by Gabigail, (thank you Kate Mansi for resuming the role), who is really Abby looking to get discharged. She is livid at everyone in her circle, but is using her persona to get Stefan to get her released. Guess what? It worked. So now the fun truly begins with Abigail determined to prove her BFF set her up. Oh, this is going to be good, but I wonder how she’ll respond to learning that Ben (her former love and a serial killer) is staying at the DiMera mansion and was hired by Stefan to work for him. She will not be pleased by that one bit, so these dynamics are getting juicier by the minute.

This takes me back to Leo, who not only returned in the flesh, but has amped his blackmail game to new heights. Why? He has actual proof of Will and Sonny trying to cover up his murder. He wants Sonny to marry him or else the truth will come up. Just when we thought Will and Sonny would be happy, another bomb drops. Maybe Kate who created this problem can solve it for her grandson who she claims to love so much.

I would be lying if I did not admit this; I cannot wait to find out how Jack Deveraux returns from the dead. Jennifer Horton has been through so much, so for her one true love to return it has to be one hell of a kick-ass story for “Days of Our Lives” fanatics. Only a few more weeks before the big bomb drops and I cannot wait!