UNITED STATES—I was puzzled when Bill Spencer was shot months ago on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” It set up the perfect dynamic to knock down a titan a few pegs. Also tantalizing viewers was the revelation that it was Taylor Hayes of all people responsible for nearly killing Dollar Bill. Why was this story such a bummer? Well, nothing ever transpired with it, until now. Would I be lying if I argued I had no idea why the writers decided to cook this ‘secret’ back to life now, instead utilizing it when it first transpired I will never know!

However, I am thrilled that we are seeing the fallout of this revelation come to light. Once again Liam opened his big mouth and dropped the news to Hope, who for the life in me can’t keep a damn secret if her life depended on it. I really don’t get why Liam decided NOW of all times to drop this bomb on Hope. Was it because she was berated by Taylor? I mean Taylor berates everyone. Anyway, Hope immediately ran to Brooke and told her, even though Liam begged her not to share those details; so much for that secret not spreading right away.

Now, Liam, Steffy, Taylor, Bill, Hope and Brooke all know who was responsible for nearly killing one of the best villains on daytime television right now. I mean Bill’s sudden interest in thinking about the night he was shot and rather to deliver the truth to the police I thought was a bit of a stretch to say the least. Brooke is so high and mighty I know for a fact that this secret will spillover to Ridge, which will have him fuming.

Why? Well Bill has major leverage over both Ridge and Taylor. With the snap of a finger he could bring down both of Steffy’s parents and unleash a level of drama that as a viewer I would hope fans get to witness, but I’m not so certain it will happen. One thing is for sure, if the writers have decided to unleash the bomb now, there has to be major repercussions coming as we enter 2019. At present Bill has not been up to his bad habits, mainly because he is aiming to get Brooke back, rather that transpires is another question.

Ridge is not giving up the love of his life without the fight of a lifetime and considering November sweeps were bland and slightly tame in my opinion, something big has to be cooking for February sweeps. This brings me to our friends turned foes in Quinn and Pam. Pam is seething red at the thought of Quinn being in her presence, and as a result, she has cooked up a scheme to get Eric and Donna back together. At first I was not too sold on the scheme, but it seems Donna still holds feelings for Eric, Quinn is unhinged and could soon retort to her old habits as she feels threatened.

What makes this situation so interesting, is its apparent that Pam is still harboring some resentment against Donna, and those constant jabs Pam has been making is unnerving Donna. Trust me because its also unnerving as a viewer. Something seems to be up with Pam where she could be relapsing and both Donna and Quinn could be in her crosshairs.

There is also a new face in town Dr. Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady), the father of Zoe. This should be interesting because Zoe didn’t seem too receptive or happy to see her father. This leads me to wonder what transpired between Zoe and her father to be concerned about his decision to reintroduce himself into her orbit. Viewers will have to give this story time, cause it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

How do I know? Where is Emma? It seems like the character came and went on the soap, and I seriously have no idea where we are headed with Zoe and Xander? Will they or won’t they get back together, that is the question that I don’t think anyone cares to answer. I have a bone to pick with the writers; this graveling that audiences are being forced to witness by Taylor at Brooke’s feet is utterly pathetic. Seriously, Tylo is so overacting in these scenes and they are absolutely painful to watch. I really want to see Taylor off her rocker and deliver some slaps and chaos in Bill, Liam, Steffy, Hope, Ridge and Brooke’s lives.

I need more from this tale because with the secret being out, we better see some drawback or what was the purpose if everyone is going to just keep mum about the situation. Some way to drop a bomb people, some way, especially if you don’t plan to use it to strengthen storytelling or character development.