UNITED STATES—Well while Turkey Day is on the top list for many people this holiday season, some might be surprised to discover there are die-hards out there already making plans for the biggest shopping day of the entire year: Black Friday. Some might wonder where that name comes from; well business can be so bleak for a company that is in the red, that this one day puts them into a massive profit.

I guess we can’t really call it Black Friday anymore as stores have been opening on Thanksgiving Day since 2012, so it’s really Black Thursday nowadays. This isn’t a shopping day for novices or for children. Trust me; you don’t want to be dragged down on this busy day which can leave some with their blood boiling if they’re not patient.

The retailers have been secretly leaking ads for the past few weeks over the internet. Those who make a tradition out of Black Friday as we do in our family, are ahead of those shoppers who don’t see the ads until a day before the festive holiday.

There are some rules that one should be aware of if you plan to venture out to the most dangerous place of all: the mall! Yes, if you’re planning to shop you need to make a list. Yes, I know it sounds elementary, but this is the day that having a plan makes everything so much easier. Know what it is that you want to get and get it. Not having a list can cause you to divert from that list and pick up countless items or things that you don’t even want. Don’t waste unnecessary money unless you have to. If you don’t want it don’t get it.

It’s important to choose which retailer you want to hit first. You can’t hit them all first cause they tend to open early. Why is that? They want you at their store compared to the competition. In other words, you have to make a choice. Which store has the hottest item that I’m dying to get my hands on? If you know the 1-item that is a must have on your list head to that store first. Your goal is to get what you want and to be on your way to other stores.

Never shop alone. I’m not an advocate of this because it’s always a good idea to have someone beside you in case you’re running short on cash or need help with packages. It’s better to shop with family and friends than by yourself; it makes the shopping festivities that much more fun in my opinion, also it’s a great safety precaution. When you travel in groups it makes thieves less likely to try something.

Use coupons if you have them. Don’t be ashamed to pull out that coupon. Remember any money that you save, allows more funding for you to use to purchase other items that might be on your list. Many of the big time retailers are offering special perks and prizes for those shoppers looking to catch a good bargain.

Don’t go over your budget! If you have a set amount that you plan to spend, stick to it at all cost. Don’t allow yourself to spend more than you can afford to pay back. If you plan on using plastic, which I’m highly against, set a budget with your card. Try not to bring multiple cards with you. The more access to plastic you have, the likely you are to use that card without a second thought. You’ll always catch deals on Black Friday, but just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you have to have it.

This might be the most important rule of all: bring your patience. I know so many people who venture out on the big shopping day and expect to be in and out of the store. It’s not going to happen. If you’re not one who can mingle with others while waiting in line or looking for an in and out approach, perhaps sticking to shopping online is better suited for you.  I’ve seen people literally fume smoke because they have to wait. Hello, its Black Friday, what did you expect?

One final rule of thumb, eat something. Don’t venture out without anything in that stomach. You don’t want to be slowed down by the hungry blues.  Don’t eat a massive feast, but have something to get your energy and juices going. Ready, shop and shop, it’s a day shoppers enjoy and those who never shop indulge in this festive holiday!