HOLLYWOOD—Oh, this is so heartbreaking to see that Liam and Hope are dunzo at least for now on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Yes, Hope who was relieved to learn that Finn, not Liam is the father of Steffy’s baby, could not get over his betrayal. Unfortunately, I have to agree because he has done it so many times, how much more is Hope supposed to endure? The separation is for Hope to figure out if their marriage and love story can recover from this latest blunder by Liam.

Steffy seems all, but over Liam, I mean she finally took down that photo in her home with her ex, and replaced them with photos of Finn and herself. I could NOT be more ecstatic to finally see Steffy out of Liam’s orbit for once people. However, “The Bold and the Beautiful” is failing to realize in the soap arena fans want drama and we are NOT getting any of that right now. Vinny was exposed, he’s been locked away, Thomas is doing his best to show he has reformed, but Brooke still has her suspicions and rightfully so.

I mean Thomas was obsessed with Hope and this whole he was ‘sick’ crap is not going to put her at ease. He lied about Hope’s child being alive, drove someone off the road leading to their death, drugged Liam so he would sleep with Steffy and was determined to have Hope at all costs. Now tell me is that someone you would trust America? I know I wouldn’t. Ridge seems to think his son has reformed, but what father, wouldn’t want to see the best in their child, while ignoring all the bad?

Like I said with happy news, Wyatt proposed to Flo, so it seems this woman is getting everything she ever wanted, forgiveness, a wedding, a job, the only thing left for her to have is a baby. I sense if the writers are headed in the direction I’m thinking, Flo is going to have difficulty conceiving a child, it might be a bit of retribution for her actions in the Beth baby swap storyline. There has to be some level of consequence for this woman for her actions because she was the catalyst that led to all the mayhem that has transpired in the past 2 years if we’re being honest. Relationships were shattered, lives were destroyed, people were killed and the list goes on people.

I have said it before and I will say it again, Flo and Wyatt don’t bring anything to the soap right now. Sally Spectra is gone so they really serve no purpose and have no storyline taking place. It’s time for them to move on to the sunset. I mean hell, I’d kill for Rick Forrester and Maya Avant to return to the canvas, hell I would even welcome Ivy Forrester. We need some characters to shake up the playing ground because things are becoming ever so stale and I worry what the soap is cooking for May Sweeps because NOTHING of narrative purpose is on the table right now.

There is the Zoe, Paris, Zende and Carter drama, but if we’re being honest that seems to have resolved itself. Zoe and Carter are over, and Paris and Zende are developing a bond. What else is there to say? Oh we have Shauna doing what Shauna does best annoying people. I mean girl, take your ass back to Las Vegas, even with your bestie Quinn, she can’t do anymore for you. The Logan sisters offered Flo an olive branch, but if you think Brooke will do the same, after you tried to destroy her marriage, that will NEVER happen and I’m all for it.

It feels like the writers cannot figure out what to do next with a lot of character, come on “The Bold and the Beautiful” you need to figure things out.