HOLLYWOOD—When Chelsea made plans to get back at her lover Adam Newman on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” I never expected Rey Rosales at the catalyst of the mayhem. Chelsea Newman suffered greatly in recent months because of antics put into place by her lover Adam. As a result she has been paralyzed in a chair unable to speak or move. However, that has all changed. Chelsea has slowly started to regain her movement and ability to speak, mainly as a result of Adam’s betrayal. Chelsea saw that photo of Adam and Sharon kissing and it fueled her rage and worries; so much to the point that it accelerated the healing process.

No one knows about Chelsea’s progress except her bestie, Chloe, who has remained mum, but Rey fell ill last week, so much to the point that it placed him into a coma, has left Sharon worried sick, as well as his family. Well relax people, Rey is not dead, nor did I expect in a million years the soap would kill off his character. I mean let’s be honest this soap seems to think the notion of a murder mystery or killing off a character is taboo. Hell the last time a character died that I can think of was Hilary and that was years ago people.

After much investigating, Rey and Sharon learned he had been poisoned with thallium products placed in his bathroom. Rey immediately pointed the finger at his nemesis: Adam Newman. Hmm, Adam’s not in a great position people. Cause all the signs are pointed directly at Adam and how he plans to get out of this pickle one can only imagine.

I mean Victor and Adam just managed to solidify that deal with Cyaxares with Ashland Locke, but the contracts have not been signed yet. Which means Ashland could easily swap to Billy and Lily or Victoria if he senses Adam’s reputation will cause massive harm to his company. Little does Billy and Lily know, Victoria is after Ashland’s company to protect Adam and Victor from taking down Chancellor Communications. Too bad they don’t know that.

What I can say, I love this dark side to Chelsea, but I was under the guise that Chloe helped Chelsea with targeting Rey, but she was not. Chelsea is working with a third party people and I’m dying to figure out who this individual is and I hope it’s one hell of a surprise for  viewers. Speaking of Ashland Locke, he KNOWS something is up between his wife Tara and Kyle Abbott. Kyle is so nervous around Tara and Ashland, anyone with a brain could pick up on it. However, Tara and Kyle constantly interacting is NOT helping their goal of keeping their affair and the truth about Harrison coming out.

Ashland witnessed that heated exchange between his wife and Kyle, which means it’s ONLY a matter of time before he learns about that betrayal and worse: that the kid he thinks is his belongs to someone else. This indeed has to be the best storyline cooking right now on “Y&R.” Which brings us to our final discussions for the week: Elena and Devon have been exposed. Elena and Nate’s relationship is over, Devon and Amanda’s relationship is over, and Elena is reeling. Devon doesn’t want her, Nate doesn’t want her, so what will she do people? If I’m being honest, I don’t know and frankly I could care less.

However, as those relationships falter, one is surely heating up: Sally and Jack. I really never expected this pairing, but this is what we have and it’s making people angry or shall I say jealous. Kyle and Summer cannot believe it and Phyllis cannot help, but poke her nose where it belongs.

It looks like ‘Red’ is going up against another red head, one who is just as feisty and cunning as she is. Sally is not afraid, neither is Phyllis so this rivalry should only intensify in the near future which is a fun pairing “Y&R.” See what happens when you take a talented actress and place them on a soap opera where they allow the character to flourish. Courtney Hope being let go from the “Bold and the Beautiful” may have been the best thing people, because I’m loving her character on “The Young and the Restless.”