HOLLYWOOD—I have to admit this because I know I’m not the only loyal “The Bold and the Beautiful” viewer who is frustrated with this Vinny Walker murder storyline. It is NOT playing out like a murder mystery that fans have been teased about, its turning into a let’s keep a secret storyline and I’m bored, irritated and ready to see a development in this tale because its dragging and I’m losing interest people.

After several weeks of keeping the secret, Liam cracked and spilled the beans to Hope who was stunned, flabbergasted and could not believe what she was hearing. Her husband killed a man and kept it secret for weeks. Liam was relieved to finally spill the truth to someone else, but then came the difficult part: Hope wanted her husband to turn himself into the authorities and Liam agreed. However, there was another party who wanted Liam to keep quiet: Bill Spencer.

Bill was livid that Liam spilled the truth, as he took bullets from Hope about his role in Vinny’s demise and cove-up. Making matters worse was Bill facing heat from Thomas about not caring about Vinny dying. I mean this is Bill Spencer, Thomas did you actually think he was going to shed a tear? Flo and Wyatt (WRITERS PLEASE GIVE THESE TWO A STORYLINE ALREADY OR TAKE THEM OFF THE CANVAS!) are just popping in and doing absolutely nothing. I’d rather have a talent like Heather Tom have something going on than these two just popping in and popping out and sticking their nose in other people’s business.

I have never seen two more useless characters that still get screen time with other characters who have a bigger presence, but these two boggle heads are getting more time on the screen than Katie and Eric people. Enough said, the chickens came home to roost and it was a sight to see Liam Spencer taking into custody and have a mug shot. I will admit this is an interesting direction to take Scott Clifton’s character, and also good news for viewers who will NOT have to deal with Flo trying to bond with Hope.

If anything Hope is going to be busier now more than ever and will not have time for a baby stealing cousin, who thinks she is owed redemption. Liam shared his story with cops, and Bill shared his story, here’s the problem: neither story is aligning, which means father and son are trying to protect each other, it is so obvious for the authorities, but if NO ONE connects the dots, there is not much they can do. The news was divulged to Brooke courtesy of Hope about Liam. Brooke was at a loss for words, when her daughter spilled the entire horrid tale and the fact that Bill played a role in it now makes Brooke culpable in the cover-up. The question is who will crack?

Again teases keep being made that there is more to this story than meets the eye, well when the hell is the audience going to get a taste of what that tease is. If Vinny’s death was truly murder, wouldn’t the coroner have found something? In addition, who else could be culpable in Vinny’s demise? It was not Thomas, not Hope, not Brooke, not Ridge. I really can’t see anyone else with a motive people, but an interesting idea popped in my head. Vinny worked at a lab, looked at test results, what if Flo Fulton isn’t really a Logan people. That would absolutely give her and Shauna a reason to want him dead if the truth were to come out. I mean it would FINALLY give the characters a worthwhile narrative because if Vinny’s true killer is NOT Liam and Bill, it better not be someone the audience hasn’t even laid eyes on before.

There is a bit of good news in the “B&B” universe as Steffy Forrester returned to the canvas this week, with Finn in tow as the couple awaited the results of rather they are having a boy or girl. I will admit Finn and Steffy’s return is suspect, but I don’t see either having a hand in Vinny’s death. Quinn and Carter are doing their best to keep their affair secret, but the chemistry between them is hard to ignore and Zoe confronted Shauna about sleeping with Carter. Oh, if only Zoe knew it was Quinn who slept with Carter, not Shauna she would NOT be too happy people and it is certain when the truth comes out it will ultimately lead to Zoe’s exit from the show.

Some momentum for “The Bold and the Beautiful” for the month of June, but I need some more storylines or narratives kicking in people because right now it is not fully keeping my attention like I want the soap opera to do.