HOLLYWOOD—To say the outcome is predictable on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” is an understatement. The writing was on the wall weeks ago when the audience first learned that Steffy Forrester was pregnant. Making matters worse, she had no idea who the father would be.  So last week the hammer was dropped after a delay in episodes because of the Impeachment Trail debacle. Steffy, Finn, Hope and Liam learned that the bundle of joy she is carrying belongs to her current baby daddy.

Finn was devastated and angry as hell, Hope was heartbroken and overcome with grief, Steffy could do nothing, but cry and Liam was broken, literally broken. Yeah, Liam knew his marriage was in major trouble. I mean Hope is only going to set back and allow you to cheat on her with the woman who has caused so much turmoil in your relationship for so long before she says enough is enough.

Liam was willing and ready to fight for his marriage, but with that said, it was apparent Steffy was forced to make amends to a few people about her latest transgressions including Hope and Finn to say the least. It is so apparent that Thomas wants another chance at Hope, and with Vinny being that little bug in his ear, who is to say it will NOT transpire at some point? Finn is indeed a good one because most guys would not just swallow that punch to the gut as if it never occurred.

There seems to be writing all over the place that the paternity results may have been swapped and if so, the obvious target looks to be Thomas’ pall Vinny. Now if you truly think about it, Vinny was against Thomas being so obsessed with Hope, all of a sudden he has made a 360 on the situation? Doesn’t make absolute sense, but I feel the predictability will involve Finn being the actual father of the baby, Hope and Liam paying the price yet again for someone else’s deception. I mean Vinny mentioned working at a lab, Thomas questioning him about his knowledge on paternity tests and his certain about the outcome. Hmmm, if that is not screaming guilty, I don’t know what the hell will.

Gosh, out of all the couples on daytime TV, I would love to see a happily ever after for Hope and Liam they so absolutely deserve it. Steffy, Thomas, Zoe, Flo, the list goes on and on of the people who have caused countless problems in Hope and Liam’s lives. Speaking of Flo, Wyatt asked Katie for the Logan ladies to extend an olive branch to Flo who wants to be part of the family. Well you should have thought about that before being an ACTIVE participant in a baby cover-up.

Making it worse is the fact that you knew it was your cousin’s child who was suffering the entire time. What type of person does that? Um, one who donates a kidney to her dying aunt hoping it would remedy the situation. It did to a degree, especially when it comes to Katie, Bill, Wyatt and Donna, but Brooke holds a grudge like no other, and Hope, as forgiving as she is, there are lines that you cannot cross.

This brings us to the sudden arrival of Shauna back to town. I thought we had saw the last of that woman after she caused major fractures in Brooke and Ridge’s wedding and neither one of them will be happy to see her again. Not much is known about Finn’s past, but a face that he is familiar to is about to come into his orbit? Who is that person people?

Bill is still graveling for Katie to forgive him, and with Katie pondering her thoughts and Brooke and Donna pushing Katie to consider reconciliation, it might finally happen people. However, Bill and Brooke have broken Katie’s trust not once, not twice, but three times. So If it happens again, it has to be dunzo people, I mean the heart can ONLY be broken so many times before the towel is finally thrown in.

Carter’s rage was unleashed on Zoe and Zende, just as Paris received a warning to be careful before considering a relationship with Zende. It seems Zende and Zoe are still drawn to each other, but are doing all in their power to resist the temptation. Zoe is begging Carter for another chance, while Paris wants to believe her sister means well and is extending an olive branch when she should not. I can sense Carter and Zoe getting back together, Zende and Paris becoming an item and Zoe and Zende cheating on their respective others before all hell breaks loose. That would be a fun narrative to say the least “B&B” fanatics.