HOLLYWOOD—I have to say it is such a treat to see Liam Spencer squirm on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I mean his tryst with Steffy is no surprise to me, but he was so COVINCED that his wife Hope had cheated on him by kissing Thomas. Surprise, Thomas was kissing a mannequin. Steffy had egg on her face, but Liam really had egg on his face people. Now, things have gotten really dicey as Liam and Steffy do all in their power to keep their secret from coming out.

Liam being the noble one wanted to confess the truth to Hope about his betrayal, however, Steffy, being the liar that she is, convinced Liam to stay mum because she didn’t want her relationship with Finn to blow up in her face. Why do I sense another go around of a storyline that happened a few years ago where Steffy got pregnant and did not know if the father of her child was Liam or his father Bill?

Hmm, sounds similar, but this time around the father of her child could be Liam or Finn, but it’s not a good luck Steffy. Please for the love of God, I do not want to see Steffy and Hope become pregnant at the same time again, but I sense the writers might want to pull that trigger again unfortunately. One thing is for sure, Hope has been betrayed by Liam more times than I can count, at the cause of Steffy Forrester, so I would LOVE to see some rage from Hope unleashed on both Liam and Steffy.

Here’s the problem, it’s going to open that door for Thomas (who is still obsessed with Hope people) to make his move and Hope being vulnerable might fall for it. With that said, Liam was seething after learning Thomas would be living much closer to him and Hope after Brooke offered for him to move in with them during his recovery process.

It looks like a disaster is looming people, especially after Hope heard Steffy and Liam arguing intensely about her not learning something. The gears are grinding people so it’s only a matter of time before Hope learns the truth about Liam and Steffy’s passionate night.

The only other drama if you even want to call it that in Los Angeles is the burgeoning romance that could be building between Paris and Zende. Looks like Zoe senses it, but is jealous by it. Someone please explain how someone who is engaged to be married to Carter is jealous of her sister who is getting to know someone who is newly single.

I really don’t understand this dynamic and I’m trying with every fiber in my body to try to make sense of it, but it just is NOT working for me America, it is not. Making matters worse is the offer that Paris received from Ridge about a possible job opportunity at Forrester Creations which saw Zoe’s jealous side emerge.

She DID NOT want her sister working at her place of employment which caused friction in her relationship with Carter. Hmm, what is it about this sisterly relationship that fans don’t know that has Zoe defiant in her stance? It looks like we may soon learn that in the coming weeks.