HOLLYWOOD—Oh America, I can see it happening and it is making me quite happy to say the least on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Yes, Quinn and Shauna are working overtime to cover their ruse in the role of filing fake divorce documents for Ridge and Brooke. Quinn is just giddy that she has Brooke Forrester right where she wants her, Shauna is still worried sick about the truth coming out (oh, it’s going to happen) and I cannot wait to see it transpiring.

Quinn’s biggest problem is she doesn’t realize that people are working behind the scenes and clocking exactly what she is up to. You might ask exactly who am I referring to? The Logan sisters! After much tension, Donna was able to get Brooke and Katie in the same room. The sisters haven’t completely patched things up, but it’s apparent they want to come to some sort of truce. Katie sees her husband Bill as always wanting her sister, whereas Brooke has made it crystal clear she only wants Ridge.

When Brooke noted that the latest run in with Bill seemed staged, Katie thought back to the moment she overheard Quinn speaking with Bill about Brooke. So the dots are indeed being connected people which means Quinn you might get caught in a trap without even knowing what is taking place around you, as she plans this wedding to stick the dagger in Brooke once and for all. Here’s the problem, Ridge has reservations about this wedding, and the fact that he told Brooke who was livid and pleaded her love to Ridge raises concerns.

Why would you marry a woman, where it’s clearly obvious you are not over the actual love of your life that is standing right in front of you? Yes, please explain this for me Ridge. You don’t even remember being married to this woman, which means, you were drunk out of your mind or some funny business happened to say the least. After constantly pining after Brooke, Bill realized (let’s hope this is the end) that KATIE is the woman who he needs to be with indefinitely. He has apologized profusely to Katie, and after her chat with her sisters, it seems she might be willing to give this man a fourth time (I think) to prove his loyalty to her. I like Katie and Bill together, and I want to see it, that’s granted that Bill doesn’t wander for Brooke yet again in the near future.

The only other tale of the hour involves Steffy and her pain addiction. Yes, Steffy has a pill problem people and she showcased it when she flipped out last week on Hope when Kelly was not in her presence as she expected. Taking pills is one thing, but mixing that with alcohol was not good. Steffy raged at Hope that raised her blinders and she alerted Liam who has finally gotten a taste of the jealous bug.

How so? Steffy has been bonding more with Dr. Finn. Finn has been a confidante and looking to help Steffy during this difficult crisis and as a result feelings are starting to develop. Liam did not like seeing his former wife, FINALLY move on from him with another guy, one who is not him to say the least. Things definitely heated up this week when Finn and Steffy shared a kiss. Thomas is happy with the move, but with that said the battle between Thomas and Liam might be reignited which I did not expect. I thought Thomas had turned over a new leaf after the debacle involving Hope, Zoe, Flo, Douglas and the baby swap.

Nope, he still has that hatred for the guy that got the girl that he wanted. I guess this is a good thing because it gives Hope, Liam and Thomas a bit of a storyline moving forward as things have simmered down between the three after the truth was finally exposed about Thomas’ actions. I want drama people! That is what is expected when you watch a soap opera!