UNITED STATES—Sometimes in life you just have to take a moment and reflect on life. You watch the news and you hear these horrid stories about people meeting their fate in gruesome fashion or situations that seem so unpredictable it is hard to stomach. However, you also encounter situations in life where you see people who triumph even against the worst possible odds. That causes you to realize that stupid complaining you do sometimes is so irrelevant.

Life is not as bad as you make it seem to be. Yeah, you didn’t get to sleep last night so what. You could not purchase your favorite food. So what! You had a delay in getting your haircut or getting to a specific destination. So what? You’re a bit low on funds. So what? Do you see where I’m going with this? Your life might not be perfect, but guess what America: no one has a perfect life, hell, some people have situations way worse than you and you’re complaining about something so trivial and just plainly stupid people. Just stupid!

You might be asking why these emotions are flooding me now it’s because when you see some people’s plight it opens your eyes to realize your situation could be a lot worse. I was at a recent shopping mall and had a run-in with a woman who was traveling in her wheelchair. She had lost both of her legs, but you could tell it was not holding her back.

She was still moving like a person with actual legs, she was just utilizing a wheelchair. She was so gracious and full of energy and just happened to be able to be out and about at the mall as she noted it had been a while as a result of the pandemic. At that moment, all the things I had been stressing about in regards to work, life, relationships, none of it mattered because I realized my predicament could be a lot worse and it’s not. The thing I’m getting at is being gracious is vital to our success in life.

When you have encounters with strangers and see the things they struggle or have to overcome and you realize you don’t have those same obstacles a lot of perspective comes into play. That also reminds me of that time I was at Cedar Point and stumbled upon a family who was pushing their daughter in a wheelchair who needed oxygen as she moved throughout the park. She was so happy to just be in the presence of the park and she didn’t allow her illness to get her down. I mean I witnessed someone with a prosthetic leg get on a rollercoaster.

This is NOT me saying people with disabilities are different because they are not, what I’m getting at is they live life like there is no tomorrow and they don’t just sit around and bitch and complain about the stupid things so many of us whine about when it comes to life. They realize life is short and they just live and push there even though at times it may not be easy. Now just imagine if all of us had that same mindset. Just focusing our energy on doing and delivering our best no matter what obstacles may be thrown in our direction America.

Just when you think life is bad, sometimes you get reminded it could be worst. Appreciate the people you have in your life. Appreciate the things you have in life. Don’t complain, don’t whine, be appreciative, because everything that you have can vanish with the snap of a finger people and then what, you will really be complaining.

Written By Jason Jones