UNITED STATES—Where has this country gone? The level of hate and vitriol is unfortunately at an all-time high and it seems to ONLY be getting worse as time progresses. People don’t like something they feel the need to write hate-fueled op-ed pieces aimed at the opposing party. People protests or take to the streets letting their voices be heard, at times things get violent. You can’t turn on the news and watch the actual NEWS without someone throwing their opinion or stance on an issue in your face or down your throat.

I continue to hear this rhetoric about an impending Civil War in the United States of America and I always told myself, “Oh, that would never happen.” Nowadays, I’m not so sure about that because the hate some people have is just growing and growing and growing to a point that it becomes unstable. Don’t do something stupid because someone is telling you to do so and it fuels that rage. Being stupid will only cause you to pay the consequences later down the line or sooner than you expect.

Roe v. Wade has been overturned and there are people in support of the decision and there are people who are against the decision. Guess what America: THAT IS FINE! Nothing is more frustrating when people get an attitude or upset that someone doesn’t agree with their logic or way or thinking. Guess what America, that is what makes us unique we are all different; we’re allowed to be free thinkers. You do not have the right to tell someone they have to align with your way of thinking or your stance on particular issues.

You want to know something America, this is what we call debate. A healthy debate allows two opposing parties to discuss their stance on particular issues and not get vicious or violent along the way. I used to love Hannity and Colmes on Fox News, but once that show stopped airing I stopped watching. There is nothing wrong with a balanced viewpoint on issues.

I barely watch FOX News, I barely watch CNN, neither news station can report the news without being biased to some degree and I don’t want to be told how to feel on a particular issue and that is what so many news outlets and publications are currently doing. It’s a shame, but it’s not going to change. You want to know why MONEY TALKS! Advertisers pay big bucks to push certain content and certain publications and news outlets follow that money people. Advertising pays the bills and because of that it sways the perspective that so many news publications and outlets take when it comes to what the report, what they don’t report and how and why they report what they report. News should be completely independent from politics, opinions and stances. Give the facts and let the public decide people. It’s a shame, but don’t expect it to change any time soon people.

It is just so hard in the present day to have a conversation with people because if you don’t agree with them all hell breaks loose. You can state your point, but guess what if I counter your point or argument guess what: I HAVE THAT RIGHT TO DO SO! You don’t have to like it, but you have to respect it. As long as I’m not being racist, sexist, ignorant or discriminatory in my rhetoric that should not be a problem. People keep saying the divide is widening and I must agree. You’re either liberal or conservative; you can’t dabble between both. You’re either pro this or anti-that there is no in between.

There seems to be this fascinating drive to make people pick a side and for what? Why do you have to pick a side? It’s like people getting upset if someone doesn’t like certain individuals who might be running for political office. Guess what: THEY’RE ENTITLED TO FEEL HOW THEY WANT PEOPLE! You cannot change that and get over it if you can’t sway someone. If we just took a bit more time and stopped fighting against each other, we would realize we have more similarities in common than differences. The goal is NOT to be hateful to one another, we need to be more peaceful and loving of one another.