SHERMAN OAKS—On Monday, October 11, Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin’s clothing boutique store, Belle Gray, was robbed for the second time in a week.

Although no arrests have been made, the culprit was caught on surveillance camera. The robbery occurred approximately at 6:10 a.m., as a man dressed in black broke through the backdoor. Authorities believe he is between 40 and 50 years old, and was seen arriving in a white pickup truck. According to the store manager, the burglar stole $4,800 worth of jewelry and handbags. A message was sent to the couple via the security company ADT at 6:52 a.m., after the store alarm went off.

In regards to this second robbery, Rinna stated Monday afternoon on her Twitter account, “Thank god everyone is safe and fine—material things can be replaced. Yes we need a new security system!”

The boutique, located on 13812 Ventura Blvd., was also robbed on Monday, October 5, and around 80 to 100 pieces were stolen, according to Rona Argana, the store manager. Rinna and Hamlin were notified of the first robbery while appearing live on the “Today Show.” Rinna had since then spoke out against those who believed the robbery was a publicity stunt staged by the celebrity couple.

As reported before by Canyon News, Rinna and Hamlin are busy promoting their new books and reality series, “Harry Loves Lisa.”