HOLLYWOOD—Well the friction between members of the Roloff family is still present in the season premiere of “Little People, Big World” which returned to TLC this week. The premiere episode, ‘Lucky Number Three!’ witnessed Matt Roloff struggling to repair his relationship with Zach, Tori and Amy after learning that a portion of the farm was being placed on the market. Tori pranked Zach to force him to realize what it is like to carry a baby in a body. To the gist of the joke by having Zach do tasks with a watermelon strapped to his stomach.

It was all laughs until Zach realized it is NOT as easy as he thought. Chris and Amy were still living in wedding bliss, but it was so nice to see Amy smile again after the tumultuous divorce she endured after being married to Matt for nearly 25 years. Amy and Chris revealed that the farm being on the market has caused a divide in the family and they haven’t visited the property since it was put on the market.

Zach and Tori have relinquished themselves to living in their abode in Washington state and I will admit it is so sad to see this unfolding because the family used to be so connected and in constant communication. Seeing this fracture is just heartbreaking, but families have squabbles people. Jackson and Lilah are so cute and seeing the kids grow up in front of your eyes was a happy moment, just as Zach and Tori were preparing to give birth to their third child.

Matt didn’t feel sad about placing the farm on the market, if anything he noted he was relieved and to be honest as a viewer you can understand why. Matt has done a lot with the farm and the upkeep. So it’s not easy keeping up a property of that proportion without plenty of help. Caryn got Matt to admit he needs to talk with Zach about how things fell apart in regards to the farm in hopes of improving their relationship. At least someone is being the adult here.

I really wish audiences got to see what transpired during that farm negotiation because I sense it was so nasty that it explains why there is this extreme distance between Tori and Caryn who used to be so close in previous seasons. Back to some good news, Tori chronicled her hospital stay as she gave birth to her dwarf-sized son, Josiah. It was indeed moment watching Tori in the hospital as the doctors delivered her baby. Amy was watching Jackson and Lilah, and realized her grandkids are full of energy.

Tori and Zach were on cloud nine admiring their newborn and sharing that joy with the viewers and the plans they have for the future. It all started with Zach and Tori introducing the new baby to his siblings, and both Jackson and Lilah were happy to meet their new brother. Amy also got the opportunity to hold her new grandson and it was a precious moment; Lilah is so nurturing as the big sister to Josiah.

Not major drama in the premiere episode, more sweet moments, which is what I appreciate about the series; it is what drew me to the show from beginning. Now the teaser for the rest of the season could be interesting and difficult to watch. New episodes of “Little People, Big World” air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.